Warranty certificate

Alter Air sells products directly from the manufacturer. That enables us to enter into a formal warranty.

The warranty certificate states:

  • name of goods,
  • device model,
  • date of sale,
  • buyer's name
  • master (when ordering installation),
  • the expiration date of the warranty.

Be sure to keep the warranty card, as without it we will not be able to send your product for service examination.

Our organization is fully responsible for the quality of products sold. Together with the equipment, we provide comprehensive information on the rules of operation, characteristics and manufacturer of the device. To ensure the quality of the product, we check it in storage before shipping. If you have used the courier delivery service, it is advisable to inspect the purchased device for mechanical damage before use.

How to return the goods

If an error occurred during the order or the product did not fit, it was not used, and the packaging and the device are in one piece, it can be returned or exchanged.

Return within 14 days after purchase.

We will check it for mechanical damage and refund or exchange the goods for any other from the range of our store at a similar cost.

To return or exchange goods, please provide:

  • Goods (intact and undamaged, not involved in operation);
  • Checks and warranty card for purchased goods;
  • Passport or other identity document of the buyer.

Exchange and return of goods is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" of 12.05.1991 № 1023-XII (Edition as of 03.01.2015).

When the device is broken

Call us, bring the goods to the office and our service department will determine the cause of the breakdown.

We undertake to repair, provide a new device or refund free of charge if it is not the fault of the user.

Warranty service is not provided if:

  • the equipment is not mounted correctly (not in accordance with the instructions)
  • did not follow the rules of operation;
  • there is mechanical damage;
  • repairs or replacement of parts by another organization;
  • damage caused by a natural disaster.

The warranty period is limited, depending on the manufacturer and product category.

Replacement or return of goods should be carried out taking into account the inspection of the condition and availability of guarantees to make sure that the equipment was not intentionally/accidentally damaged, and most importantly - bought in our company, for this you need:

  • Provide a check.
  • Return the product without damage, external damage, scratches.
  • During the period of use of the equipment not to change internal filling and not to carry out service independently.
For Maico, Soler&Palau, Vortice or Elicent goods

By purchasing equipment from the brands Maico, Soler & Palau, Vortice and Elicent, you have the right and opportunity to exchange or return the goods in the following terms:

  • 90 days are given for the exchange of equipment, provided that the value of the goods being exchanged is not less than the value of the new goods.
  • 30 days to return the goods, if you are not satisfied with its work, it does not visually match the equipment presented on the site, the technical indicators do not correspond to reality, etc.