Design of water purification systems

Water purification systems
Experienced design engineers
Tochnyy inzhenernyy raschet sistemy
Minimization of costs at the implementation stage
High quality of water and systems that purify it
Warranty and post-warranty service

Apartment water treatment system is a process of improving the quality of water coming from a natural source so that it meets the sanitary and hygienic standards or requirements of the customer.

The above process is a whole system that combines a set of measures aimed at purifying water from the content of harmful impurities, reducing hardness. They remove bacteria, viruses, harmful impurities, salts and other substances that adversely affect the quality of water used.  It can be said that water treatment and purification systems make water suitable for consumption.

Why is it important?

The well-being and health of a person directly depend on the level of comfort in the room. First of all, the microclimate parameters have an impact. We are responsible for each of them, implementing turnkey climatic systems. We offer you to watch a video review of the facility where the engineering systems were implemented.

Removal of harmful impurities and odors
Removal of harmful impurities and odors
Compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms
Compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms
Always clean, drinkable water in a house
Always clean, drinkable water in a house
Turnkey system design, installation and service
Turnkey system design, installation and service


Kachestvennyy rezultat

An efficient system that suits all room parameters

Vnedreniye v dizayn interyera

Aesthetics and productivity of a climate system are result of common work

Soglasovaniye rabot so smezhnymi spetsialistami

Interaction with "subcontractors" (installers, builders, electricians)

Integratsiya s drugimi inzhenernymi sistemami

Complex projects for several systems - saving time and nerves

Formirovaniye tochnoy smety byudzheta

The ability to clearly plan the budget for the climate system

Stages of implementation

Stages of implementation of the water treatment system
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Selection of system type
  • Design and estimate documentation
  • Installation
  • Commissioning and service
Laboratory water analysis

Laboratory water analysis

The defining stage for the further choice of the equipment is a laboratory analysis of water on a concrete object. The source can be both an artesian well and the city's central water supply. Considering the option with a well, it should be understood that each soil layer differs significantly in its chemical and bacteriological composition of water. This study is carried out on various indicators: pH, odor, turbidity, salinity, iron, hardness, sulphides.

Selection of system type

Selection of system type

Based on the results of the analysis of the hydro source, specific tasks are determined: what type of system is needed (for domestic needs or industrial needs), what degree of purification the customer wants. Thus, water quality in the region determines the choice of equipment type. Next, the calculation of the daily and maximum needs of the customer in the prepared water resources. This is influenced primarily by the presence in the house of a specific number of bathrooms, as well as people who live there. This determines the desired mode of water consumption. And these characteristics give an accurate idea of what equipment sizes will be used.

Development of design and estimate documentation

Development of design and estimate documentation

When the physical, chemical properties and nature of water pollution are known, the optimal scheme and technology of water purification is selected for the customer. Design and estimate documentation for a specific object is developed, regardless of its level of complexity. It includes: an explanatory note, drawings, information about the equipment and materials used, a calculation. The finished version of the project is discussed, agreed with the customer and a commercial proposal is signed.



When all the operating conditions of the equipment are determined, the installation and commissioning of the water purification system is carried out. Equipment is delivered to the facility, its assembly and operation scheme is being developed and collection is carried out on location. Then, the assembled equipment is connected to the water main, sewer and put into exploitation. When the installation is completed, the purified water is analysed.

Commissioning and service

Commissioning and service

The final stage is the delivery of the object to the customer "turnkey" and the provision of service, warranty and post-warranty service. We guarantee that our team of specialists will select for you the most acceptable in terms of price/quality system that will cope with all the tasks at the lowest cost.

Special conditions of cooperation

We are happy to jointly conduct projects with organizations and self-employed specialists, recommend you to our clients and help with the outsourced engineering part. Additionally, we invite you to attend seminars of the "Engineering in Design" series, where we show by examples how to correctly implement engineering systems in the interiors of end customers.

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Water cleaning process

​The water purification system can remove chlorine, heavy metals (iron, etc., which increase hardness), hydrogen sulphide (the cause of unpleasant odors), manganese and other "unnecessary" substances from drinking water, disinfect and, if desired, demineralize water, and prevent the growth of fungi.

How this happens, we tell separately in stages.

1 stage
1 stage

From what the water purification system starts.

2 stage
2 stage

The second stage depends on the design features of the system and includes the elimination of rigidity.

3 stage
3 stage

In the third stage of cleaning, an ultraviolet disinfectant is connected.

4 stage
4 stage

This stage is optional. To get perfectly clean water, you can install a reverse osmosis system.


By contacting our company to install a water treatment and purification system, you will receive:

  • professional selection of the necessary high-quality equipment that is ideal for solving your individual tasks with maximum efficiency and minimum costs;
  • Quick performance by qualified specialists of all tasks;
  • high-quality installation and service work with equipment of well-known world brands;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

Our projects

Realized objects will tell about our work best of all

Video reviews

Implementation of a heating and water treatment system in the two-storey house, cottage town
Implementation of a heating and water treatment system in the two-storey house, cottage town "Mezhrechye"
Heating, water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems in the house (Green Hills) based on Viessmann
Heating, water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems in the house (Green Hills) based on Viessmann

Costs and benefits

The costs of designing a water treatment system

There are no two completely identically designed water treatment systems, because each house, apartment, their planning, the requirements of the owners - individual. Therefore, it is difficult to give ready-made prices at once.

We name the approximate cost of design after discussing the basic requirements and wishes of the client. This can be done by phone, but ideally - at the meeting, where our engineers will be able to offer a solution immediately.

Please note that when ordering the design of our water supply and sewerage, the design of the water treatment system is prepared free of charge.

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    Установил систему водоочистки, результат меня порадовал. Качество воды совершенно изменилось, в сравнении со старой системой. Делали замеры воды до и после установки, результаты кардинально отличаются.