Design of air conditioning systems

Design of air conditioning systems - Alter Air
Polnyy paket proyektnoy dokumentatsii
Full package of project documentation
Integration into interior design of the premises
Formation of a clear project estimate
Automation with other engineering systems

Value of correct realization of HVAC systems

The well-being and health of a person directly depends on the level of comfort in the room. First of all, the microclimate parameters have an impact. If the room does not maintain the correct temperature, cleanliness and amount of air, this immediately affects on well-being, and in the future - health.

Fresh air supply and exhaust air removal
Fresh air supply and exhaust air removal
Preventing the formation of bacteria and germs
Preventing the formation of bacteria and germs
Comfortable temperature and humidity
Comfortable temperature and humidity
Convenient control of climate systems
Convenient control of climate systems


Kachestvennyy rezultat

An efficient system that suits all room parameters

Vnedreniye v dizayn interyera

Aesthetics and productivity of a climate system are result of common work

Soglasovaniye rabot so smezhnymi spetsialistami

Interaction with "subcontractors" (installers, builders, electricians)

Integratsiya s drugimi inzhenernymi sistemami

Complex projects for several systems - saving time and nerves

Formirovaniye tochnoy smety byudzheta

The ability to clearly plan the budget for the climate system


We have built a process that guarantees the result
  • Consultation
  • Commercial offer
  • Design
  • Installation of systems
  • Service maintenance


The first meeting takes place in our showroom and lasts 1-1.5 hours. We discuss your wishes, features of the object and the profitability of a particular solution. We show how the equipment implemented in the office works - you will have a clear idea of the implemented engineering systems, their efficiency and ergonomics.

Commercial offer

Commercial offer

You receive a feasibility study and a commercial offer based on it. It also includes an estimate for the equipment and strapping - you will have the right idea of the budget right from the start. The final cost after drawing up the project can change within 15% up or down.



After agreeing on the commercial offer, the client makes 10% of the advance payment of the total amount. We start designing engineering systems. The developed project is agreed with the client, if necessary, corrections are made. The project is then approved by both parties in writing. You will receive a complete package of project documents.

Installation of systems

Installation of systems

We deliver and install all the necessary equipment. We effectively integrate it with other systems and interior solutions. We carry out commissioning works. The final launch of the engineering system is carried out in the presence of you and the chief engineer, so that you are convinced of the correct operation of all components.

Service maintenance

Service maintenance

We carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of engineering systems - during the entire period of their operation. We clean and replace filters and accessories. At the request of the client, we can modify the system or optimize it in order to change the performance or save resources.

Design cost

The cost of designing an air conditioning system in Alter Air

The cost of such a project depends on many parameters, first of all, it is the type of premises. The cost of project development is included in the total cost of implementing the system and amounts to 10-15% of the total.

Design of air conditioning systems

Design based on wall-mounted air conditioners
per m2
32 UAH / sq.m
Design based on wall-mounted fan coil units
per m2
64 UAH / sq.m
Design based on duct air conditioners
per m2
127 UAH / sq.m

Types of air conditioners

Whether it is a split or multi-split system, it consists of indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is always located on the facade of the building.

Depending on the location, indoor units are divided into several types, we suggest considering the most common of them:

Wall mounted
Wall mounted

The most common type of indoor unit. It is hung on the wall and blows air in one direction.


They are located in the ceiling space in technical rooms and require the implementation of a duct system.


They are used when it is not possible to install a cassette-type air conditioner, or when the room has a very elongated shape.


Most often they are used for cooling offices and other large areas. Installed in the ceiling space.

Do you want to create a healthy and favorable climate in your home?
You have come to the right place!

We solve the problem of microclimate in a house, starting from ventilation, air conditioning, heating and ending with humidification and air purification. We make sure that all systems interact productively with each other and at the same time do not consume a lot of energy in order to save your costs. In our work, we are like a family doctor - we treat your home, analyze a problem, offer solutions to it, and not just sell pills like a pharmacist in a pharmacy.

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Summing up

Conditioning is necessary to maintain optimal living conditions for people, productive work and the safety of raw materials.

Depending on the needs and purpose, air conditioners are divided into 3 segments:

  • household;
  • semi-industrial;
  • industrial.

For the correct design of air conditioning systems, you need:

  • calculate the amount of heat in the room that must be extinguished by the air conditioner;
  • install the air conditioner so that it does not create a draft, and unnecessary noise, does not interfere with the living and work of people;
  • draw a layout according to all requirements;
  • draw up an assignment for installers and other employees.

Our projects

Nothing confirms our professionalism like the completed projects

Reviews of realization of vent systems

Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Ventilation, heating and air dehumidification in a 70 m2 indoor pool, Gostomel
Ventilation, heating and air dehumidification in a 70 m2 indoor pool, Gostomel

Popular questions

Types of air conditioners for the purpose of the premises

Depending on the size of the premises and the capacity of the air conditioner, it is customary to distinguish three main segments:

  •     household air conditioners;
  •     semi-industrial or commercial air conditioners;
  •     industrial air conditioners.

Household air conditioners include split systems of wall and floor-ceiling, channel type with an indoor unit capacity of up to 5 kW. Such equipment is intended for air conditioning of apartments.

Semi-industrial air conditioners include all split systems of channel, cassette, columnar, floor-ceiling and wall-mounted type with a capacity of over 5 kW.

Industrial air conditioners are formed by parallel connection of cassette, duct, floor-ceiling or columnar indoor units to one or more outdoor units with a capacity of over 10 kW (they are also called VRV (VRF) systems).

Separate categories are highlighted:

  • duct air conditioners, rooftops and cabinet monoblocks for indoor installation (category "Duct Unitary");
  • central air conditioners, air handling units and air-cooling machines (category of central air conditioning systems).

Is it essential to create an air conditioning project?

If you want to get a system that is optimal in terms of power and financial costs, then the answer is definitely YES.

For more details on what is included in the design documentation and what advantages of design, read our article.

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