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    1. Design studio "Sveka Design"
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  8. Ventilation
    1. Smart ventilation system for a house or an apartment
    2. Pre-design documentation development
    4. Supply ventilation: system design, solution options
    5. Ventilation in the house made of aerated concrete
    6. Ventilation in a frame house
    7. Ventilation in an apartment
    8. Engineering consulting
    9. Service and maintenance of ventilation systems
    10. Installation of ventilation systems
    11. Design of ventilation systems
    12. Ventilation in a private house
  9. Conditioning
    1. Repair of air conditioners in Kyiv
    2. Air conditioner maintenance service in Kyiv
    3. Air conditioning service
    4. Pre-design documentation development
    5. Installation of air conditioning systems
    6. Air conditioning of private houses (cottages) - correct implementation
    7. Design of air conditioning systems
    8. Air conditioning in the apartment
    9. Engineering consulting
  10. Heating
    1. Heat pump installation
    2. Private house heat pump heating
    3. Boiler service
    4. Maintenance of heating systems
    5. Heating with an electric boiler: installation options
    6. Heating of a private house
    7. Autonomous heating in an apartment
    8. Pre-design documentation development
    9. Heating systems design
    10. Heating systems installation
    11. The most cost-effective heating of a private house
    12. Home Hybrid Heating
    13. Engineering consulting
  11. Water treatment
    1. Design of water purification systems
    2. Service of water purification systems
    3. Installation of water purification systems
    4. Water treatment system for a house
  12. Water supply and sewerage
    1. Sewerage design
    2. Sewerage installation
    3. Design of a water supply system
    4. Water supply installation
    5. Engineering consulting
  13. Power supply
  14. Automation
  15. Objects
    2. Ventilation and air conditioning systems in a 3-room apartment, Kyiv, Honchara street
    3. General ventilation in the apartment, Respublika RC, Kyiv
    4. A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv
    5. Ventilation and heating in a house 150 m2 - Pogreby, Novaya street
  16. News & Articles
    1. Comparison of products and solutions
      1. Ventilation in the kitchen: how to make a kitchen exhaust system
      2. Gas or electric boiler - which is better
      3. Operation comparison of MAICO WS and JABLOTRON FUTURA units
    2. Equipment overview
      1. Ventilation in the kitchen: how to make a kitchen exhaust system
      2. Electric heating
    3. Selection Tips
      1. How to choose a heat pump: what parameters should be considered when choosing
      2. Supply and exhaust ventilation: features and proper arrangement
      3. Ventilation in the kitchen: how to make a kitchen exhaust system
      4. Electric heating
      5. Gas or electric boiler - which is better
      6. Heat pump in an apartment: payback and heating options
    4. Wiki articles
      1. Electric heating
      2. What is fan coil unit: working principle and device
      3. How to heat a private house without gas
      4. Central ventilation: what it is, advantages and disadvantages of the system
      5. What a heat pump is: operating principle, advantages and disadvantages
    5. Company and market news