Air conditioning in the apartment

Air conditioning in the apartment
Comfortable temperature in every room
Remote control of cooling system
Harmonious integration into interior design
Tochnyy inzhenernyy raschet sistemy
Energy efficiency and economy of the system

Why do you need air conditioning in the apartment

The comfort of the residents directly depends on the correct microclimate in the apartment that is clean air, humidity and temperature. The latter significantly affects not only the well-being, but also the performance and health of a person.

The air conditioning system in the apartment is designed to regulate the air temperature in the room during the prevalence of high external temperatures. The key factor in the implementation of an air conditioning system is the selection of equipment: the right power, energy efficiency, reliability and aesthetics.

Attention! The air conditioning system cannot replace the ventilation system! Even if the manufacturer specifies the function of adding fresh air, its volume is not enough to ensure complete ventilation of the premises.

Cooling options

During the calculation and selection of the system, a number of factors, affecting heat flow into the premises:

  • design and specifics of the apartment (the presence of an attic or a terrace);
  • double-glazed windows: area and solar factor (g);
  • location of apartment in terms of cardinal points;
  • external roller shutters presence;
  • presence of equipment in apartment;
  • frequency of opening windows.

For air cooling can be used systems differing in: the type of circuit, the number of outdoor units and the location.

By type of contour
By type of contour

Air conditioning of the apartment can be carried out as an independent system or combined with a heating system from a heat pump.

By the number of external blocks
By the number of external blocks

Depending on the number of outdoor units, air conditioning systems differ in price and implementation method.


Konsultatsiya i razrabotka kontseptsii
Concept development

Formation of operation principle and components of a future system

Raschet i proyektirovaniye

A package of documents with drawing and specifications for the system

Podbor oborudovaniya
Equipment selection

Several options of the system - for different budgets


Installation of equipment by certified teams according to the project

Nastroyka i zapusk sistemy
Commissioning works

Setting up and checking the efficiency of the system before starting it


Maintenance and monitoring of the system after its start

Placement of blocks

When choosing an air conditioning system a significant factor is the location of the indoor unit of air conditioners.

Alter Air uses only 4 types of indoor units for its projects: wall-mounted, duct, floor and intra-floor. This is due to their effectiveness, ease of use and the possibility of being integrated into the interior.

Wall-mounted air conditioners
Wall-mounted air conditioners

Indoor units are placed on the wall, usually above the human height line, to avoid direct cold air currents.

Duct air conditioners
Duct air conditioners

It is the most comfortable air conditioning system, as it allows you to achieve even air distribution through the diffusers.

Floor air conditioners
Floor air conditioners

Blocks are placed on the floor, near the wall, or in-wall installation, one more option for a hidden placement of system, is presupposed.

Floor convectors
Floor convectors

Floor air conditioning of an apartment is an expensive, but comfortable solution for cooling an apartment without the use of massive blocks.

Project by Alter Air

Drawing presents example of a project by Alter Air specialists, where duct air conditioning is implemented in apartment in the Tetris Hall residential complex. For the most comfortable and effective cooling in living room and dining room, a Daikin FBA50A duct-type air conditioner is used. Еquipment itself is located in bathroom (to save height of ceiling in room), and cold air is supplied through Madel LOOK CM slot diffusers.

For bedrooms, Daikin FDXM35F and FBA35A duct units are used. Principle of placement is the same - they are mounted in second bathroom, and cold air is supplied through linear diffusers.

Let’s make a conclusion

The air conditioning system in the apartment is one of the most important systems for ensuring a healthy and comfortable microclimate. We recommend that the design and selection of equipment should be done by the specialists - they will select the optimal power of the equipment and its correct placement.

Among all the options presented, Alter Air recommends duct type air conditioning in an apartment, as it is the most efficient and comfortable air cooling system.

If you are in doubt about which air conditioning system to choose, call 0-800-33-08-28 and our specialists will select an option that will meet all your requirements and budget.

Our projects

Completed objects are the best confirmation of our professionalism


At first, it may seem that design is a step that can be overlooked and thereby save money. But we are sure that this opinion is wrong, because with it you get a system according to your budget, which works efficiently, it is well placed and works in conjunction with other engineering systems.

Kachestvennyy rezultat

An efficient system that suits all room parameters

Vnedreniye v dizayn interyera

Aesthetics and productivity of a climate system are result of common work

Soglasovaniye rabot so smezhnymi spetsialistami

Interaction with "subcontractors" (installers, builders, electricians)

Integratsiya s drugimi inzhenernymi sistemami

Complex projects for several systems - saving time and nerves

Formirovaniye tochnoy smety byudzheta

The ability to clearly plan the budget for the climate system

Special conditions of cooperation

We are happy to jointly conduct projects with organizations and self-employed specialists, recommend you to our clients and help with the outsourced engineering part. Additionally, we invite you to attend seminars of the "Engineering in Design" series, where we show by examples how to correctly implement engineering systems in the interiors of end customers.

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We have built a process that guarantees the result
  • Consultation
  • Commercial offer
  • Design
  • Installation of systems
  • Service maintenance


The first meeting takes place in our showroom and lasts 1-1.5 hours. We discuss your wishes, features of the object and the profitability of a particular solution. We show how the equipment implemented in the office works - you will have a clear idea of the implemented engineering systems, their efficiency and ergonomics.

Commercial offer

Commercial offer

You receive a feasibility study and a commercial offer based on it. It also includes an estimate for the equipment and strapping - you will have the right idea of the budget right from the start. The final cost after drawing up the project can change within 15% up or down.



After agreeing on the commercial offer, the client makes 10% of the advance payment of the total amount. We start designing engineering systems. The developed project is agreed with the client, if necessary, corrections are made. The project is then approved by both parties in writing. You will receive a complete package of project documents.

Installation of systems

Installation of systems

We deliver and install all the necessary equipment. We effectively integrate it with other systems and interior solutions. We carry out commissioning works. The final launch of the engineering system is carried out in the presence of you and the chief engineer, so that you are convinced of the correct operation of all components.

Service maintenance

Service maintenance

We carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of engineering systems - during the entire period of their operation. We clean and replace filters and accessories. At the request of the client, we can modify the system or optimize it in order to change the performance or save resources.

Do you want to create a healthy and favorable climate in your home?
You have come to the right place!

We solve the problem of microclimate in a house, starting from ventilation, air conditioning, heating and ending with humidification and air purification. We make sure that all systems interact productively with each other and at the same time do not consume a lot of energy in order to save your costs. In our work, we are like a family doctor - we treat your home, analyze a problem, offer solutions to it, and not just sell pills like a pharmacist in a pharmacy.

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We chose Alter Air to bring our cool engineering project to build our own home. Now the following systems are installed in the house: heating with a heat pump, underfloor heating, supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery, which allows you to keep moisture and easily breathe fresh clean air. The house maintains an excellent temperature of + 22 ° C - no stuffiness and dust. Everything is magical!

House owner

 I looked at several companies on the Internet and settled on the Alter Air company. After talking with their specialists, I realized that people are very well versed in their business. They sensibly explained how to implement home heating and ventilation correctly and with minimal cost. During my stay in a new house, I have already experienced the operation of these systems, and especially the ease of control. The temperature in the house is comfortable and kept at a given level. The ventilation works inaudibly, but noticeably - with the windows closed in the morning it breathes freely and easily, there is no dust. I am very pleased with the work of Alter Air and I will recommend you as a good performer who does quality work!

Peter Ivanovich
House owner


Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Complex of engineering systems integrated in the apartment, residential complex
Complex of engineering systems integrated in the apartment, residential complex "Novopecherskie Lipki"

Frequently asked Questions

Is air conditioning a necessity?

If you feel uncomfortable in the apartment because of the temperature, the answer is yes. If there is no need to cool the apartment during the summer period, then it is possible not to install air conditioning system.

Which wall-mounted air conditioners are good?

Alter Air has been working in the climatic market for many years, so we know which brands have proven themselves in terms of reliability and efficiency.

If you are looking for equipment, which is going to serve for many years, we recommend paying attention to Daikin, LG and Mitsubishi Electric. In terms of pricing, they are not cheap, but the build quality, workmanship and improved functionality justify their price.

Amore budget option is Cooper & Hunter.

Air conditioning grids or diffusers?

Both options are used for air distribution, but diffusers have proven themselves much better in terms of comfort for many years. Residents do not feel the air currents coming from the diffusers, which is an absolute advantage.

In its projects, Alter Air predominantly uses TROX and MADEL LOOK concealed linear diffusers.

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