Turnkey water treatment and water purification

Turnkey water treatment and water purification
Safe water
The right temperature all year round
Attention to your wishes according to the project
Approved budget before the start of all works

Why is turnkey water treatment necessary?

First and foremost, it must be noted that the current ecological situation doesn’t allow us to obtain high-quality and most importantly clean water. Unfortunately, in most cases, the water is not only polluted but also unsafe. This is why water filtration for a private house is necessary, especially for houses where water from wells is unsuitable for drinking due to the abundance of harmful elements such as nitrates, manganese, ammonium, etc.

In the case of an apartment, nothing is simple either. Since tap water that is supplied from the water utility to the apartments is filled with chlorine, iron, rust particles that get into the water from old pipelines.

It is important to understand that water treatment solves issues with the use of industrial water such as rigidity, yellow tint on clothes after washing due to a large amount of iron in the water, an unpleasant odor, turbidity of the water, scale in heating equipment, rust in pipes, plumbing breakage, etc.

The first step to clean water is water analysis since the choice of system installation largely depends on it. Without analysis, it is impossible to choose the most effective system that will provide clear water supply

Water analysis

The first stage in the implementation of a water treatment system is water analysis. In apartments, the water for analysis is taken from the water supply network. As for the private houses, it is important to note that the water cannot be taken for analysis once the well has been drilled. After installation work the soil is not yet connected tight to the pipe thus the different layers of groundwater can be mixed

The water has to meet national standards and regulations:

  • turbidity ≤ 1mg/dm3
  • coloration ≤ 20 degrees
  • odor ≤ 2 points
  • total hardness ≤ 7 mmol/dm3
  • total iron ≤ 0.2 mg/dm3
  • the total amount of salts ≤ 1000 mg/dm3
  • nitrates ≤ 50 mg/dm3
Вода из крана Анализ воды в лаборатории


Water treatment and water purification are directly interconnected systems. Thanks to water treatment, we get clean tap water, which will be clear of harmful contaminants, hardness, pollution, odors, etc.

Turnkey water purification makes the water drinkable and protects the water from substances that can affect well-being and health.

Column water purification system
Column water purification system

Cabinet type water purification
Cabinet type water purification

Water treatment and water purification in details

Why is turnkey water purification necessary?

Water that is supplied to our houses and apartments has a lot of contaminants that negatively affect our health. For example, manganese in water negatively affects the human skeletal system.

Water treatment and water purification are inseparable. Although these systems have different purposes they must be implemented in the house.

To purify the water in the house or even to make it healthy a reverse osmosis purifying system has to be installed. The device has cartridges and a membrane inside that makes the water suitable for drinking since the water that has passed through the system is 99.8% purified.

Reverse osmosis consists of:

  1. Polypropylene cartridge that clears pollution to 5 microns.
  2. Activated carbon cartridge (granular).
  3. Activated carbon cartridge (briquette).
  4. A membrane that allows only a water molecule to pass through, cleaning it from bacteria and viruses.
  5. Postfilter that corrects the taste and smell of water.

To make water not only clear but also healthy it is necessary to choose reverse osmosis with a mineralizer that will saturate the water with healthy substances.

Flow filter is an alternative option for water purification; however, such a system doesn’t have a storage tank and its filter is less efficient compared to reverse osmosis.

Turnkey water treatment for private house

A private house is not only walls and foundation, but also a complex livelihood system that requires special care and financial investment. The water purification system has to be taken into consideration at the design stage. It is necessary to plan a place where the well will be drilled in advance as well as correct implementation of sewage for the system to last for many years.

When designing water treatment’s further performance should be taken into account, therefore, its calculation is one of the primary tasks.

On average, the daily water consumption by one consumer is 240-250 liters, about 10.5 liters per person, but if we talk about a family of three, then the amount will be 31.5 liters accordingly Taking into account the fact that the peak of intensive water consumption falls for a certain time with a total duration of 1 to 3 hours, it turns out that for comfortable use, the capacity of the system for a family of 3 people will be 750 l/h.

If a system with low performance is chosen, then at the time of simultaneous use of water, all contaminants that come with the water will enter the installed water treatment filters.

The water in private houses passes through a thick layer of earth that is why by the moment the water approaches the consumer it is saturated with various harmful substances, organisms, and pollution that enter the water as it moves.

The main contaminants of well or well water are:

  • Manganese forms a black precipitate.
  • Iron gives a red or yellow coating on plumbing fixtures or clothes after washing.
  • Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that gives water a specific (“rotten eggs”) unpleasant odor, which causes metal corrosion.
  • Insoluble suspensions such as clay and sand, which significantly reduce the service life of plumbing fixtures and household appliances.
  • Nitrates are very dangerous for human health, especially for children.

What should be installed to remove contaminants

  1. Coarse filter that cleans water from large particles of various contaminants.
  2. Iron remover removes iron from water and gives the water a blue tint.
  3. A softener that softens the water, the water becomes soft and does not harm human skin and hair or damage clothes after washing.
  4. UV disinfection. Many companies offer to install a UV lamp as the final stage of purification, however, we do not use this technology, since after using the UV lamp the water becomes sterile.
  5. Reverse osmosis that purifies industrial treated water and makes it safe for consumption.
Recommended equipment

Reverse osmosis’ filter makes the water in your house or apartment safe for consumption.


Iron removal filter is an essential part of water treatment


Such filters can help soften the water and prevent your belongings, skin, and hair from hardening.


Mechanical filter purifies water from the sand, rust, microorganisms, and unwanted contaminants.


A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Mini-boiler room - 1
  • Mini-boiler room - 2
TROX double slot inline diffuser

Double-slot diffusers from the TROX brand are designed for high-quality air distribution throughout the room. They combine visual aesthetics and high technical potential. Air currents are given in different directions, evenly scattering and avoiding any drafts. Outwardly, only laconic lines on the ceiling remain visible.

Duct air conditioner Daikin FDXM 35F

A low-pressure internal duct unit Daikin FDXM 35F is installed in the ceiling space of the bathroom - it works to cool the bedroom. It is accessed through hatches. The capacity of the air conditioner is enough to service rooms up to 35 m2, which is optimal for a given room. The lowering of the ceiling in a technical room was 300 mm.

Indirect heating boiler Drazice

Vertical indirect heating boiler Drazice OKSE 200 l is designed to provide apartment residents with hot water. The inner surface of the tank is covered with high-quality enamel without nickel, which ensures a long operation of the water heater, and there is also an anti-corrosion coating. The temperature inside can be kept between 7 and 77 ℃. The water heating indicator always shows the current temperature on the front of the tank. There is a fast heating function. This is an excellent solution for an apartment, allowing you not to depend on seasonal blackouts and other inconveniences.

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock An electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock with a capacity of 6 kW and efficiency of up to 99% works for heating and hot water supply of the entire apartment. It has a wide range of temperature settings for both heating and hot water supply. There are frost protection and 2-level overheating protection. Equipped with eBus data transmission technology. With the help of a capillary thermostat, residents can smoothly regulate the heating temperature in the range from 25 to 85 ℃

Expansion tank Zilmet

The Zilmet expansion tank is designed to compensate extra pressure in the heating system. Works in conjunction with the Vaillant electric boiler above. The special inner lining of the tank prevents the growth of any bacteria, that is, the water does not acquire a metallic taste, does not stagnate or change its properties.

Refiner Ecowater - water softening and filtration system

A modern system for filtering and softening water: cleans water from all kinds of impurities and odors, neutralizes iron, making it soft, pleasant and safe for household appliances, water pipes and human use. The purified water is also suitable for drinking directly from the tap. The refiner does not require changing the carbon filters, and is controlled via WiFi - maximum automation and comfort!

A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

Ventilation and air conditioning systems in a 3-room apartment, Kyiv, Honchara street

  • Ventilation
  • Air supply
  • Conditioning
Ventilation unit Jablotron Futura L

The Jablotron Futura L ventilation unit with heat and moisture recovery ensures high-quality air exchange at the apartment, and also reduces the load on the heating system in the cold season. Thanks to the Alfa wall controller and the MyJablotron mobile app it is easy to operate the unit.

Airflex flexible insulated duct

Flexible air ducts Airflex have a high degree of plasticity, which allows air to be supplied even to hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, they are covered with a layer of thermal insulation, which prevents heat loss and absorbs noise characteristics during the operation of the ventilation unit.

Galvanized steel duct with thermal insulation

Thanks to galvanized steel, the duct does not suffer corrosion and other damaging influences. Thus, the long-term operation of the climate systems is ensured.

Duct air conditioner Daikin FBA50A9 (indoor unit)

The Daikin duct air conditioner provides efficient room cooling. The FBA series has a rather thin body, which makes it easy to place in a ceiling space. The self-diagnosis function ensures a safe operation of the device and indicates problems if any occur.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems in a 3-room apartment, Kyiv, Honchara street


Laboratory water analysis

Laboratory water analysis

Well or city water supply can be used as a source. As it was stated previously, if the analysis is taken from a well, we have to understand that soil layers are drastically different by their chemical and bacteriological properties, which in turn affects the quality of the water. The research is carried out according to the following indicators: turbidity, odor, salinity, hardness, iron, sulfides, pH level. Based on the physicochemical and microbiological analysis of water from a well or central water supply, further works are carried out to implement the system.

Appropriate system selection

Appropriate system selection

Based on a result of water supply analysis the following tasks will be set: system type (household or industrial), purification level according to customer’s needs. After, the customer's daily and maximum requirements for treated water resources are calculated. The accuracy of the desired water consumption calculation is also affected by the number of bathrooms in the house, as well as the number of people who live there. Based on such characteristics, we can get a clear understanding of what standard sizes of equipment will be used.

Design documentation development

Design documentation development

The most suitable option for water treatment and water purification is selected when the type of water pollution as well, as the chemical and physical properties of water, are known. The design documentation development includes drawings, estimates, information about materials and equipment. We sign a commercial offer after the approval of the design by the customer.

Installation and system launch

Installation and system launch

The installation and commissioning of water purification and water treatment systems begins only when all the nuances and operating conditions of the equipment have been determined. All equipment from the design documentation arrives at the facility, an installation and operational scheme is developed and the equipment is assembled. After assembling the equipment, it should be connected to the water supply system, sewerage system and put into operation. When the installation work is completed, the water is analyzed again.



Handover is fulfilled upon completion of all installation and commissioning works. Our company provides service, warranty, and post-warranty maintenance of installed climatic systems.


How to choose suitable equipment?

A purification system is an equipment complex. Suitable equipment selection depends on the individual case of the customer based on the results of water analysis, the budget, and the number of people living in the house or apartment.

How much does the turnkey water purification system cost?

The cost is calculated individually based on the budget, water analysis, the number of people living in the household, the nuances of a house or apartment’s design.

Which filters are better?

The following water filters are the most demanded on the market. 

  • A water softener filter, which is directly responsible for water softening. 
  • The cationic resin inside the filter is responsible for removing hardness ions from the water, replacing them with sodium ions. 
  • Chlorine Removal Filter that purifies water from chlorine, humic substances, and pesticides. 
  • Hydrogen sulfide removal filter that removes the specific hydrogen sulfide odor and makes the water clear.


Water treatment: for home and apartment
Water treatment: for home and apartment
Heating, water treatment, air conditioning, ventilation and WSS in the house, Riviera Villas, Lebedevka
Heating, water treatment, air conditioning, ventilation and WSS in the house, Riviera Villas, Lebedevka
All internal climatic systems in an apartment - from ventilation to water treatment - Kyiv, Lipskaya street
All internal climatic systems in an apartment - from ventilation to water treatment - Kyiv, Lipskaya street
Implementation of a heating and water treatment system in the two-storey house, cottage town
Implementation of a heating and water treatment system in the two-storey house, cottage town "Mezhrechye"
Air conditioning, heating, ventilation and water supply systems in a private house 220 m2 - Kyiv
Air conditioning, heating, ventilation and water supply systems in a private house 220 m2 - Kyiv
Heating and water supply for a private house (Zeleny Bor village)
Heating and water supply for a private house (Zeleny Bor village)
Complex of engineering systems integrated in the apartment, residential complex
Complex of engineering systems integrated in the apartment, residential complex "Novopecherskie Lipki"
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