A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv
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A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

Object specificity:

Address of the object:

Lipskaya street, Kyiv, Ukraine


Apartment with an area of 100 m2

Year of implementation:


Assigned tasks:

  • Implement an efficient ventilation system to supply big volumes of air to each room.
  • Design and install a duct air conditioning system so that indoor units do not botch the interior design of the premises.
  • Take care of the equipment location and implement heating and water treatment systems in a limied space.
  • Implement water supply and sewerage systems.



4 weeks

Collection of equipment for installation:

10 days


6 weeks

Our complex approach guarantees a high-quality result


At this facility - in a pre-revolutionary 2-room apartment - we have organized a ventilation system based on the principle of calculating the air quality in each individual room.

Clean air is supplied to 2 zones - a bedroom and a living room which is combined with a kitchen. Air quality is monitored with CO2 sensors located in these rooms and special VAV valves.

When the permissible level of carbon dioxide in one of the rooms is exceeded (when there are people in it), the sensors transmit information to the ventilation unit and it gives a signal to the valves to open and supply a larger volume of air. When the CO2 level decreases, the valves are closing and the amount of supplied air is decreasing. But that is still sufficient to ensure good air exchange.

In this way, we achieve high air quality indicators in those areas where residents spend most of their time. When there is no one in the apartment, the air is supplied in moderate, predetermined volumes, which helps to save energy, increases the work longitude of the ventilation unit and the service life of the filters.


Air enters the bedroom and kitchen-living room through TROX double-slot ceiling diffusers.

They allow you to supply increased volumes of air and, thanks to the internal lamellas, distribute it efficiently over the entire area of the rooms - absolutely silently and without  creating any drafts.

Diffusers fit perfectly into the light, modern interior of the apartment without creating any unnecessary accents.


Air is exhausted from "dirty" areas - bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry room.

For the air exhaust in the kitchen area we used not only the kitchen hood over the hob, but also the exhaust diffuser. Its task is to shift the air balance towards the cooking zone so that odors do not enter the living room.

Equipment that we have used

  1. The Jablotron Futura L ventilation unit with heat and moisture recovery is located in a utility room. With the help of a new generation enthalpy heat exchanger, it maintains a high heat and moisture transfer coefficient. Thanks to this, warm and humidified air enters the rooms.
  2. Jablotron VarioBreeze VAVflaps are located in the hemmed area of ​​the ceiling and regulate the volume of air supplied to each individual room.
  3. TROX concealed supply and extract double-slot linear diffusers. Through supply diffusers, not only the ventilation system, but also the air conditioning system supplies the air.


We have implemented a multi-split channel system based on Japanese Daikin air conditioners. 

Indoor duct units were placed in the ceiling space of non-residential areas, where the lowering of ceilings by 250-300 mm is not as critical as in the living rooms.

Daikin FBA60A duct air conditioner was installed in the hallway and cools the area of the kitchen-living room.

Daikin FDXM 35F duct unit was installed in the bathroom and supplies cooled air to the bedroom.

Access to both indoor units is via discreet hatches for convenient service.

Daikin 5MXM90N outdoor unit ensures efficient operation of indoor air conditioners and is the optimal solution for cooling apartments with an area of ​​90-100 m2.


At this stage, we faced a lack of free space for placing equipment for heating and water treatment systems.

As a result, we found a solution and very carefully assembled all the appliances in the mini-laundry.


The 6 kW Vaillant EloBlock electric boiler operates on the heating system.

Indirect heating boiler Drazice OKCE 200 l provides hot water for the residents.

The Zilmet expansion tank compensates for changes in the volume of water in the heating system.

The Ecowater EV Refiner Power 2-in-1 cabinet-type water purification system cleans water from all kinds of impurities and bacteria, and also removes odors using a carbon filter. The system can be controlled directly from a smartphone.

Valves for protection against water leaks - in case of a leak or a risk of flooding, they shut off the water in the apartment.

We used KAMPMANN underfloor convectors as heating devices - they are located in the living room under panoramic windows, and German Zehnder radiators of small power. They are mounted in several zones and, thanks to the unusual black color, look especially stylish in a minimalist light interior.


We have designed and installed pipes for hot and cold water supply and sewerage. Diluted points on all water fittings and faucets, bathroom and shower. Also we have ensured that the system is protected against water leaks.

Our specialists have also selected all the plumbing fixtures for this apartment.

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