Supply ventilation: system design, solution options

Supply ventilation: system design, solution options
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Air exhaust from “dirty areas”

Properly organized ventilation in a house or apartment is a guarantee of high-quality air exchange and, accordingly, the well-being of all family members. When solving the problem of organizing supply ventilation, it is necessary to consider many important factors that directly affect its operation. This is a very painstaking process, which consists of the following steps:

  1. design;

  2. technical calculations;

  3. selection of equipment;

  4. installation of the system, etc.

It is almost impossible to organize a high-quality, durable and efficient supply for an apartment without the help of qualified specialists. If you deal with this issue on your own, then issues may arise: damage to the design, improperly selected equipment, inefficient ventilation (insufficient air supply), noise, drafts and much more.

Alter Air will provide you with a full package of services for organizing a ventilation system: from design and calculations to installation of the system and further maintenance.

​What is supply ventilation for?

Insufficient amount of fresh air has an extremely negative effect on a person's well-being. If you spend a lot of time in a stuffy room, most likely you will encounter sleep disorders, loss of concentration and productivity, headaches and other ailments. Fresh air is the key to good health.

Supply ventilation is a climate system that performs the function of supplying fresh air from the street into the room. In addition, depending on the selected equipment, it can filter and heat the air. Ventilation is primarily responsible for indoor air quality. The main task of the system is to provide the optimal amount of air for residents.

What is supply ventilation for? Interior breather

Supply ventilation options

Natural supply ventilation in the apartment

A natural ventilation system is the most budget option. In the past, this type of ventilation was very popular. The natural system is implemented naturally, due to the temperature difference (outdoors and indoors) and thanks to exhaust ventilation ducts, wooden windows, doors, cracks and leaks in the building structure.

In the modern world, when constructing a building, special attention is paid to energy saving, which allows minimizing energy consumption in the future (for example, gas or electricity for heating). Thus, the building has sealed windows, thermal insulation of external walls, construction materials with low thermal conductivity, etc. In other words, the house becomes like a thermos and prevents the flow of air. Ventilating the room by opening windows is not the best option. Noise, insects, dust and other pollutants get in with the outdoor air. In addition, depending on the time of year, cold or heat comes in. This negatively affects the comfort of the people living there and puts a strain on the heating/cooling system.

By itself, natural ventilation does not always cope with the task of supplying the right amount of air for a person, so experts recommend using additional devices and mechanisms. One of these types of equipment is a supply valve. The device is wall mounted and can be adjusted manually or automatically. However, it is worth noting that natural ventilation cannot supply the optimal amount of air for a person, even if an air supply valve is used.

Forced supply ventilation in an apartment

Forced ventilation involves the use of special equipment that provides fresh air.

Using a mechanical ventilation system would be the right decision from a technical standpoint. This mechanism, depending on the selected model, will allow to:

  1. regulate the supply of fresh air and its distribution throughout the room;

  2. filter the air coming from the street;

  3. reduce the load on the heating system by heating the supply air.

The supply of street air is carried out in “clean” areas – these are the rooms where a person spends the most time, for example: a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, an office, etc.

For forced ventilation in an apartment, you can use the following devices:

  • supply fan;
  • supply unit;
  • breather.
Recommended equipment
Air intake system
Air intake system

Ducting system for fresh air

Supply valves
Supply valves

Ventilation equipment for the supply of fresh air to the accommodation


Equipment for round the clock supply of purified air with possibility of heating air


The device will help to establish air exchange in the room

Ways to implement natural supply ventilation

Supply valve and exhaust fan

The supply valve is a budget ventilation device for the flow of air from the street into the house. The advantages of this option are ease of installation, low cost and the ability to install even after renovation. The device itself is a pipe with a thermostatic valve.

The basic model of a supply valve consists of:

  1. external and internal grille;

  2. thermostat;

  3. air duct, which is mounted in the wall.

The operation of the supply valve is directly proportional to the external temperature. This means that when the temperature drops, the valve closes slightly, and when it rises, it opens slightly. Thus, the change in the valve cross-section occurs in the range from +10 degrees to -5 degrees:

  • at +10°C the valve is fully open;

  • At -5°C, the device closes completely and the air supply stops.

These air supply valves work without a mechanical element (fan) and they cannot cope with the supply of the required amount of air. For the effective operation of this equipment, it is necessary to provide a forced exhaust in the apartment. Air extraction is implemented with exhaust fans which are installed in "dirty areas" (a bathroom, a toilet, a dressing room).

Alter Air offers to use exhaust fans from the German brand Meltem. The manufacturer provides silent fans with a maximum airflow of 60 or 100 m3/h.

Forced ventilation in the interior

Ways to implement forced ventilation

Supply ventilation in the apartment can be implemented in two ways:

  1. modular system;

  2. monobloc supply ventilation system.

A monobloc ventilation system is a single casing in which all of the above devices are already assembled. Among the monobloc supply devices, two types can be distinguished:

  • supply unit;
  • breather.
Modular supply ventilation system with filtr
Modular supply ventilation system with filtr

They are called modular because they consist of separate elements that are “added” based on the necessary system parameters.


Mechanical supply ventilation in the apartment can also be implemented using a breather.

Supply unit
Supply unit

Equipment with all the necessary components for the supply of filtered air into the room

Implementation of the system


Primary view of the future system.


Preparation of a plan (scheme) of the ventilation system.


Several device options for different budgets.


Project implementation by highly qualified specialists.


Start-up and verification of the implemented ventilation system.


Checking and repairing equipment.

Calculation of supply ventilation

Calculation by air exchange rate

The calculation of the required volume of supplied air implies two methods of calculation:

1. by air exchange rate;

2. by the number of people.

The method of calculation by air exchange rate characterizes the change of air per unit of time. This calculation takes into account the height of the walls and the area of the room.

Let’s look at a room with an area of ​​25m² and a ceiling height of 3m and calculate the required air volume using the formula:

L=n×S×H, where

L - the required amount of air;

n - air exchange rate, selected according to Construction Norms & Regulations, depending on the type of room. For optimal conditions n=0.6.

S - room area, S = 25 m²;

H - ceiling height, H = 3 m.

L = 0.6 × 25 × 3 = 45 m3/h.

So, in one hour, 45 m3 / hour of air must be supplied to such a room.

Calculation by the number of people

This calculation takes into account the number of people living in the room and, according to Construction Norms & Regulations, the required amount of fresh air per person is taken into account.

For an optimal level of comfort - 25 m3/hour for 1 person.

For increased comfort - 36 m3/hour for 1 person.

If the bedroom is designed for two people, then, for conditions with increased comfort, it is necessary to supply 72 m3/h of air.

Let us consider an apartment where a family of four lives and calculate the required amount of air for the living room.

The living room is the place where the whole family gathers. Accordingly, in the calculation we will take into account the number of all residents (4 people). Now we find out the required air volume 4 × 36 = 144 m3 / h.

Prices for a supply ventilation system in Kyiv

For clarity, consider the air supply units from the manufacturer Systemair of the TLP series.

Supply ventilation unit Systemair TLP 315/6.0 costs 68,000 UAH (maximum capacity - 860 m³/h)

The cost of Systemair TLP 200/3.0 is 42,000 UAH (maximum air consumption is 518 m³/h).

Installation of a supply system

​The ventilation system before installation must already be designed. To proceed with the installation, it is necessary to understand where the equipment itself will be located and how the air ducts will be laid out. It is also necessary to understand in which rooms the air is supplied and in which it is extracted. The operation of the entire system will depend on the installation in the future, so it is important that the work is performed by qualified workers. To organize high-quality supply ventilation, it is better to choose a company that deals with both installation and design.​

Alter Air provides a full package of services, from consultation and design, to installation and commissioning of the system.

After the design, the installation of the system is carried out strictly according to the drawing.

System installation steps:

First, a hole is cut in the wall to take air from the street. Next, the following is installed:

  1. grille adapter;

  2. backdraft damper;

  3. air duct to the ventilation unit;

  4. ventilation equipment;

  5. air duct system to rooms where air needs to be supplied.

  6. throttle valves, for adjusting the ventilation system.


If we talk about supply ventilation, the Alter Air company is engaged in the sale and installation of breathers and supply valves.

Our experts are always ready to advise you and help with the choice and installation of equipment.

Air supply units are practically not installed today, since they are not energy efficient. It takes too much electricity to heat the air, and then all the heat is thrown out with the help of exhaust fans in the bathrooms to the street.

Our projects


  • Utility room
Duct air conditioner Daikin FBA 60

Кондиционеры Daikin FBA 60 – мощные сплит-системы канального типа, предназначенные для скрытого монтажа практически любого помещения.

HVU with heat recovery JABLOTRON FUTURA L

Highly efficient air handling unit for general ventilation in houses and apartments. Reuses the heat and moisture that are present in the room. Has a "native" VAV-system (variable air supply).


A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Mini-boiler room - 1
  • Mini-boiler room - 2
TROX double slot inline diffuser

Double-slot diffusers from the TROX brand are designed for high-quality air distribution throughout the room. They combine visual aesthetics and high technical potential. Air currents are given in different directions, evenly scattering and avoiding any drafts. Outwardly, only laconic lines on the ceiling remain visible.

Duct air conditioner Daikin FDXM 35F

A low-pressure internal duct unit Daikin FDXM 35F is installed in the ceiling space of the bathroom - it works to cool the bedroom. It is accessed through hatches. The capacity of the air conditioner is enough to service rooms up to 35 m2, which is optimal for a given room. The lowering of the ceiling in a technical room was 300 mm.

Indirect heating boiler Drazice

Vertical indirect heating boiler Drazice OKSE 200 l is designed to provide apartment residents with hot water. The inner surface of the tank is covered with high-quality enamel without nickel, which ensures a long operation of the water heater, and there is also an anti-corrosion coating. The temperature inside can be kept between 7 and 77 ℃. The water heating indicator always shows the current temperature on the front of the tank. There is a fast heating function. This is an excellent solution for an apartment, allowing you not to depend on seasonal blackouts and other inconveniences.

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock An electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock with a capacity of 6 kW and efficiency of up to 99% works for heating and hot water supply of the entire apartment. It has a wide range of temperature settings for both heating and hot water supply. There are frost protection and 2-level overheating protection. Equipped with eBus data transmission technology. With the help of a capillary thermostat, residents can smoothly regulate the heating temperature in the range from 25 to 85 ℃

Expansion tank Zilmet

The Zilmet expansion tank is designed to compensate extra pressure in the heating system. Works in conjunction with the Vaillant electric boiler above. The special inner lining of the tank prevents the growth of any bacteria, that is, the water does not acquire a metallic taste, does not stagnate or change its properties.

Refiner Ecowater - water softening and filtration system

A modern system for filtering and softening water: cleans water from all kinds of impurities and odors, neutralizes iron, making it soft, pleasant and safe for household appliances, water pipes and human use. The purified water is also suitable for drinking directly from the tap. The refiner does not require changing the carbon filters, and is controlled via WiFi - maximum automation and comfort!

A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

Ventilation and air conditioning systems in a 3-room apartment, Kyiv, Honchara street

  • Ventilation
  • Air supply
  • Conditioning
Ventilation unit Jablotron Futura L

The Jablotron Futura L ventilation unit with heat and moisture recovery ensures high-quality air exchange at the apartment, and also reduces the load on the heating system in the cold season. Thanks to the Alfa wall controller and the MyJablotron mobile app it is easy to operate the unit.

Airflex flexible insulated duct

Flexible air ducts Airflex have a high degree of plasticity, which allows air to be supplied even to hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, they are covered with a layer of thermal insulation, which prevents heat loss and absorbs noise characteristics during the operation of the ventilation unit.

Galvanized steel duct with thermal insulation

Thanks to galvanized steel, the duct does not suffer corrosion and other damaging influences. Thus, the long-term operation of the climate systems is ensured.

Duct air conditioner Daikin FBA50A9 (indoor unit)

The Daikin duct air conditioner provides efficient room cooling. The FBA series has a rather thin body, which makes it easy to place in a ceiling space. The self-diagnosis function ensures a safe operation of the device and indicates problems if any occur.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems in a 3-room apartment, Kyiv, Honchara street


Breather and air recuperator
Breather and air recuperator
Breezer TION 4S | Overview of supply ventilation equipment
Breezer TION 4S | Overview of supply ventilation equipment
Ventilation and air conditioning systems in a 4-room apartment, Greenville Park residential complex
Ventilation and air conditioning systems in a 4-room apartment, Greenville Park residential complex
Overview of drawings and solutions for ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage in a house of 380 m²
Overview of drawings and solutions for ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage in a house of 380 m²
All internal climatic systems in an apartment - from ventilation to water treatment - Kyiv, Lipskaya street
All internal climatic systems in an apartment - from ventilation to water treatment - Kyiv, Lipskaya street
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We solve the problem of microclimate in a house, starting from ventilation, air conditioning, heating and ending with humidification and air purification. We make sure that all systems interact productively with each other and at the same time do not consume a lot of energy in order to save your costs. In our work, we are like a family doctor - we treat your home, analyze a problem, offer solutions to it, and not just sell pills like a pharmacist in a pharmacy.

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Why is natural ventilation not enough?

Natural ventilation is more affordable in terms of price. However, is it enough for high-quality air exchange?

With natural ventilation, the circulation of air masses occurs naturally due to exhaust ventilation ducts, open windows, doors and vents, and various cracks in the building structure. This method was successful in the past. However, now, a modern house has high-quality thermal insulation and this prevents natural air exchange.

Opening the windows, you create discomfort in the room (heat or cold comes in, depending on the time of year), opening the window is not always enough to saturate the room with the right amount of fresh air. In addition, the lack of oxygen has a negative impact on the human body. Such problems may appear: insomnia, anxiety, decreased productivity, headaches, etc.

Therefore, it is worth taking care of your health and providing for the organization of supply and exhaust ventilation.

What to choose – supply valve or a supply unit?

Alter Air does not recommend using these options. A supply valve is inefficient, and a supply unit is too costly to operate and also not energy efficient.

However, if you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, then it is better to install a breather or a supply unit.

Where is the supply ventilation installed?

Supply ventilation is installed in technical rooms horizontally under the ceiling. It is necessary to provide an inspection hatch so that there is access to the mechanism of the unit.

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