Service and maintenance of ventilation systems

Service and maintenance of ventilation systems from Alter Air
We order and deliver consumables
We repair and clean equipment
We inform you about the time of filter replacement
We update and improve the system after years

Why do you need a ventilation system service?

Effective and reliable operation of the ventilation system depends not only on the class of use equipment but also on competent design, which takes into account all the individual characteristics of your facility. The correct installation of the ventilation system is mandatory and must be delegated to professionals. High-quality installation without looseness and inconsistencies and correctly conducted commissioning works prolong the service life. However, any equipment has terms recommended by manufacturers for preventive inspection and maintenance, which is not required out of an accidental whim, but for the normal operation of the equipment.

The cost of Alter Air ventilation service is announced after the specialist on-site visit and the analysis of the system.

Our specialists carry out:

Filters replacement and cleaning

The supply and exhaust ventilation system has two filters: the first one is designed to filter air from the street and the second one is to purify the air that enters to the heat recovery unit from the room. If these filters are not cleaned in a timely manner, they will become clogged with dust and debris and will not be able to perform their tasks efficiently.

It is important to note that the filter, which is located on the air intake from the room, performs the function of protecting the heat recovery unit. This way you may have a problem with the heat recovery unit, unless you clean it regularly. To say nothing about the decrease in its capacity and about those special bactericidal and anti-allergenic filters that must be replaced more often than some of the simple filters for mechanical cleaning.

Checking and maintenance of heating elements

The second one is a heating element (HE). The failures in its operation affect the functioning of the fan, a decrease in the level of circulation and the release of air contaminated with dust and microbes back into the room. It needs to be monitored due to the possibility of corrosion on working elements and overheating.

If the supply and exhaust unit has an air cooler, it also needs to be cleaned regularly and it must be carried out with chemicals, so it is not recommended to trust such procedures to “random people”.

Checking the impeller for clogging

Dust and debris gradually cling to impeller, when it spins. If the impeller is not cleaned in time, it will unbalance the bearings, which will lead to damage to other internal ventilation elements.

Air duct cleaning

It is important to know that experts do not advise choosing corrugated air ducts for ventilation systems, since they need constant deep cleaning. They are inconvenient for cleaning ventilation in an apartment due to dust lingering on their ribbed surface, although due to inertia they are still popular in Ukraine.

Checking the automation system

This includes diagnostics of damper operation


The price of maintenance of ventilation systems depends on their productivity. The cost of additional services and materials not included in the after-sales service is negotiated and paid separately after a complete diagnosis.


Visit and complete equipment diagnostics"
600 UAH/hour
Service of ventilation unit
up to 250m³
900 UAH
Service of ventilation unit
1 200 UAH
Service of ventilation unit
1 800 UAH

Additional services

Service of servos
100 UAH/pcs.

High-quality engineering consulting is the key to success

As mentioned at the very beginning, the air ventilation system needs detailed design and high-quality installation, because any technique in the hands of incompetent people can turn into a pile of expensive iron. Alter Air has been providing its services in the field of engineering analysis and consulting for several years already, 10 years of our successful work in the market are the best guarantee of quality. We are really proud of our engineering solutions and projects, preferring not to stop there. We will gladly help you in case of incorrect, ineffective design or installation by other companies.

Why we?
Turnkey system implementation

We carry out the full process of implementing the climate system - from concept creation to installation and service.

Full complex of climatic systems

Our specialists implement all the main climate systems in a house - from ventilation to automation.


We have been providing engineering services since 2008, but we never stop. Every year - new technologies and proposals.


We provide full technical control of engineering systems at the facility - for clients and related organizations.

Our projects

Realized objects - the best proof of our professionalism!

Reviews of vent systems implementation

Ventilation system for a country house (Based on Systemair SAVE VTC 300 ),  Novaya Aleksandrovka
Ventilation system for a country house (Based on Systemair SAVE VTC 300 ), Novaya Aleksandrovka
Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki

Frequently asked Questions

Why do you need room ventilation?

Returning to the question “why, in fact, is this complex mechanical ventilation needed?” we must consider the reasons for installing ventilation equipment in detail.

Each of us knows from childhood that regular ventilation in the house is a guarantee of health. The common truth says (more precisely - sanitary standards) a person on average consumes about 15 cubic meters of air. This makes you think about the quality of what we breathe. It would seem that open the window and you will be happy, but not everything is so simple, and there are a lot of problems.

The direction of the air flow is usually not correct. Ideally, the air supply should come from the residential room, and the exhaust from the bathroom and kitchen area. By opening a window in one room, you simply create uncontrolled air exchange in this particular room. If this is a kitchen, then due to the mixing of the air mass, part of the fumes may remain inside or move to residential rooms. As a result, we have high humidity or dryness of the air, stuffiness and unpleasant odors in the house.

It may look like minor inconvenience, but with time it leads to sleep disturbances, respiratory diseases and problems for people with a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases. And this is all without taking into account household dust, to which particles of allergenic pollen are added in the summer and autumn seasons.

How will mechanical ventilation help?

It can not only add comfort, but also help you save your health and performance. Supply and exhaust ventilation systems can supply fresh air to the interior of the room, while removing most of the pollutants from the air.

For life in an urban area with a rapidly growing number of cars, this issue becomes more and more relevant with every passing year. While in the summer open windows become a source of dust and smog, a window open in cold weather also chills the house. Therefore, more and more people are realizing the need to install a ventilation system that will supply fresh air to the room. But like any engineering system, it requires timely cleaning of ventilation in the apartment. This extends the life of the devices themselves, as well as the health of all residents.

Service maintenance of equipment is a guarantee of its efficiency and long service life. This includes the equipment operation checking, eliminating malfunctions and breakdowns, clogged system elements cleaning, changing the necessary parts, etc. Any system requires regular maintenance, so always try to contact qualified specialists on time for the smooth operation of the entire system. Read more in our article.

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