Sewerage installation

Installation of sewerage in a private house or apartment is an important stage of renovation work. Usually, it is carried out simultaneously with the installation of a water supply system. It is unlikely that it will go smoothly if the previous stages, including the design and selection of equipment, were performed poorly.

Therefore, we will begin this article with an essential tip: from the very beginning, be responsible in choosing contractors. You should also not save on materials: reinstalling such systems is a troublesome task. Because of this, the price for the installation of sewerage in your house will increase, since you will have to pay extra for the mistakes made.

Alter Air will help create a viable project, install all elements of the internal sewerage system in apartments in multistory buildings and in private cottages.

Installation prices

Below we provide a price list for the installation of sewerage. Pricing for this service is subject to change over time, and these figures are updated for the summer of 2022.

Note that sewerage is an engineering system on which it is not recommended to save money. However, sometimes you can optimize installation costs. The price will ultimately depend on the material or manufacturer of the sewer pipes.

  • Installation of one "water supply points " — 2000 UAH

  • Installation of a pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene with insulation with a diameter of up to 20 mm - 120 UAH/m

  • Installation of a pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene with insulation with a diameter of 25-32 mm - 159 UAH/m

  • Installation of a pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene with insulation with a diameter of 40 mm - 200 UAH/m

  • Installation of a fan riser — 700 UAH/m

Pressure testing and testing of water supply and sewerage systems — 1000 UAH

When to change the internal sewerage

Sewerage is installed during the construction and major renovation of housing. This is one of the important items of expenditure in construction work.

In addition, urgent installation is carried out in case of serious problems - for example, damage to the pipeline. In old houses, it is necessary to change pipes, including risers.

Otherwise, a properly installed and regularly maintained domestic sewerage does not require frequent replacement.

When to change the internal sewerage Internal sewerage replacement

Installation rules for internal sewerage

Sewer installation is always carried out in parallel with the installation of plumbing and heating. The design of these systems is also carried out simultaneously, considering interdependent factors. For installation, the intermediate stage is especially important - when the engineers transfer the drawings to the installation team.

Technical documentation must be prepared – it indicates all horizontal and vertical references, development drawings with references to outlets, water outlets, sewer outlets.

Alter Air has its installers. Thus, trusting us not only with the installation, but also with the project, you entrust the work to one company, which is responsible for the entire process. There will be no communication problems in the team that deals with your project.

The main principle that should be observed when performing installation is the mandatory slope of the pipes. It should be from 1 to 2 centimeters, depending on whether clean water or waste with feces flows through the pipeline. The slope helps to avoid blockages – without it, sewage disposals will not be able to move through the pipes into the drain. For internal sewerage, pipes with a diameter of 20 to 100 mm are used. For example, for pipes in showers, bathtubs or sinks, the pipe diameter is 50 mm, for toilets – 110 mm. Pipes are laid in the walls, not in the floor – this is the only way to achieve the desired angle.

Fan pipes (pipe section that connects the sewer system to the atmosphere) are installed only vertically and go to the roof. The purpose of this type of pipe is to remove odors and air from the sewerage system. For connection, the types “female” or “male” are used, depending on the parts used. When installing an internal sewerage system, it is important to check and eliminate blockages – this is done thanks to pipe clean out.

Features of installation of sewerage in a private house

In most cases, private houses are not connected to the central sewerage system. Waste can be dumped into cesspools, sealed containers, various septic tanks (single-chamber and two-chamber, with a filtration field, with a bio filter), which we described in detail in this article.

Does the installation of the sewerage system in an apartment or a private house differ? Sewerage in a private house can be pricier. You can often hear that for an apartment, you need to use pipes with increased sound insulation. However, in fact, if the main pipeline passes next to the bedroom in the cottage, you will also be disturbed by noise. Therefore, decide on a suitable solution together with specialists, considering the purpose of the rooms, the position of the sewer connections, risers, and so on.

Features of installation of sewerage in a private house Sewerage in a private house
Features of sewerage in an apartment

Features of sewerage in an apartment

For the installation of sewerage in an apartment, the price is calculated depending on the number of water supply points.

In apartments of multistory buildings, a sewerage system is usually central – that is, waste is discharged into a centralized city sewer system. Further, these wastes are removed and filtered. Accordingly, the installation is carried out considering this feature.

Work stages on the install

Installation includes the following sequential steps
  • Consultation
  • Commercial offer
  • Design
  • System Installation
  • Service maintenance


During an online or offline consultation, we determine your needs and offer options for different budgets. Sewerage installation: price, methods of implementation - experts will tell you about this and you will get a complete picture of how a sewerage system can be designed for your home.

Commercial offer

Commercial offer

A commercial offer in several variants is provided based on a feasibility study. You can choose between equipment in different price categories – from minimal to premium. Thereafter, the budget will no longer change, the fluctuation can be a maximum of 15% increase or decrease.



After an advance payment (it is 10% of the total estimate), the development of the project begins. Engineers coordinate the details with you at every stage. In addition, we keep in touch with other contractors, with interior designers, architects - it is important that the sewerage project is consistent with the overall project, individual solutions do not conflict with interior and engineering designs.

System Installation

System Installation

We carry out delivery to the construction site, installation and subsequent commissioning of the system. In addition to water pipes, water leakage protection systems (for example, Neptune) and water treatment systems, and other additional equipment (fittings, taps, manifolds, boilers, hot water supply tanks) are installed.

Service maintenance

Service maintenance

Alter Air performs warranty and post-warranty maintenance of systems. Such maintenance includes preventive maintenance, replacement of consumables, adjustment. Equipment modifications can also be made to improve its performance.

Benefits of contacting alter air

Turnkey project

Alter Air works on a turnkey basis – from project development to installation and service maintenance.

A solution for every budget

We do each project in accordance with the needs and financial capabilities of the client. There is an optimal solution for almost every budget, and we will never “inflate” the price for sewerage installation, project or other services.

Engineering services from experienced professionals

The company's specialists have experience in the implementation of engineering systems at complex residential and commercial facilities, and they know all the nuances that must be considered when installing equipment.

A complex approach

We take an integrated approach, even if we perform one task because we know how all the life support systems in the housework together.

Working with the best equipment

Our certified specialists professionally install equipment from the world's best manufacturers. This gives a guarantee that complex systems will be implemented correctly, and will be able to work for a long time and uninterruptedly.

In addition, you can always count on professional service maintenance, which is carried out as planned for individual elements.

Our projects

See Alter Air’s plumbing works


  • Utility room
Duct air conditioner Daikin FBA 60

Кондиционеры Daikin FBA 60 – мощные сплит-системы канального типа, предназначенные для скрытого монтажа практически любого помещения.

HVU with heat recovery JABLOTRON FUTURA L

Highly efficient air handling unit for general ventilation in houses and apartments. Reuses the heat and moisture that are present in the room. Has a "native" VAV-system (variable air supply).


A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Mini-boiler room - 1
  • Mini-boiler room - 2
TROX double slot inline diffuser

Double-slot diffusers from the TROX brand are designed for high-quality air distribution throughout the room. They combine visual aesthetics and high technical potential. Air currents are given in different directions, evenly scattering and avoiding any drafts. Outwardly, only laconic lines on the ceiling remain visible.

Duct air conditioner Daikin FDXM 35F

A low-pressure internal duct unit Daikin FDXM 35F is installed in the ceiling space of the bathroom - it works to cool the bedroom. It is accessed through hatches. The capacity of the air conditioner is enough to service rooms up to 35 m2, which is optimal for a given room. The lowering of the ceiling in a technical room was 300 mm.

Indirect heating boiler Drazice

Vertical indirect heating boiler Drazice OKSE 200 l is designed to provide apartment residents with hot water. The inner surface of the tank is covered with high-quality enamel without nickel, which ensures a long operation of the water heater, and there is also an anti-corrosion coating. The temperature inside can be kept between 7 and 77 ℃. The water heating indicator always shows the current temperature on the front of the tank. There is a fast heating function. This is an excellent solution for an apartment, allowing you not to depend on seasonal blackouts and other inconveniences.

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock An electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock with a capacity of 6 kW and efficiency of up to 99% works for heating and hot water supply of the entire apartment. It has a wide range of temperature settings for both heating and hot water supply. There are frost protection and 2-level overheating protection. Equipped with eBus data transmission technology. With the help of a capillary thermostat, residents can smoothly regulate the heating temperature in the range from 25 to 85 ℃

Expansion tank Zilmet

The Zilmet expansion tank is designed to compensate extra pressure in the heating system. Works in conjunction with the Vaillant electric boiler above. The special inner lining of the tank prevents the growth of any bacteria, that is, the water does not acquire a metallic taste, does not stagnate or change its properties.

Refiner Ecowater - water softening and filtration system

A modern system for filtering and softening water: cleans water from all kinds of impurities and odors, neutralizes iron, making it soft, pleasant and safe for household appliances, water pipes and human use. The purified water is also suitable for drinking directly from the tap. The refiner does not require changing the carbon filters, and is controlled via WiFi - maximum automation and comfort!

A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

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How to properly install sewer pipes?

It is not recommended to install pipes on your own. Such self-activity leads to improper operation of the system, rapid wear or damage to equipment. If you can immediately entrust the work to professionals – why overpay and waste time?

All work is carried out by Alter Air's specialized installation teams. Specialists must be competent enough to not only read the drawings, but also to anticipate the likely difficulties in the project. If individual parts of the project are not designed with utmost accuracy, the problems must be solved on the spot, with the technical specialist who did this project.

How much does it cost on average to install a sewerage system?

One of the units of cost in sewerage installation is the price per water supply point. Currently, you can count on a cost of 5000 UAH per one water supply point.

You can get answers to questions about the price of sewerage piping and the price of installing sewer pipes after a consultation with our company.

The final plumbing installation quotes is given taking into account your project, type and location of the housing.

What pipes to choose for sewerage installation?

We recommend REHAU and Ostendorf pipes.

However, the choice always depends on the project and your needs. In the issue of sewerage, the price is still a decisive factor, therefore, the selection is also carried out depending on the budget.

We will never insist on a specific brand, but we will talk about the advantages or disadvantages of each option.

Do you still have questions about sewerage or other engineering systems? Interested in the price per meter of pipe installation in any city (Kyiv, suburbs, regional centers)? Call 0 800 335 941 or leave a request on our website.

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