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​Why do you need a boiler service?

An electric boiler, like any large household appliance, requires regular service. Moreover, the boiler works with water and electricity. Therefore, it requires increased attention to safety.

Regular service maintenance of the boiler is necessary for:

  • ensuring the safe and durable operation of the device
  • maintaining the quality and purity of hot water
  • prevention of emergencies.

In some cases, the service maintenance may require installation work.​

Our specialists carry out:

Boiler cleaning

During operation, particles of dirt, sand, scale, and rust accumulate inside the boiler. The filters, if installed, could not clean them. This adversely affects the condition of the heating elements, the internal walls of the boiler, as well as temperature control and water quality. If the boiler is heavily polluted, the water heating time and energy consumption increase. Overheating of the heating elements with their further burnout is possible. Therefore, flushing the boiler is necessary. 

For high-quality functioning of the boiler, service cleaning must be performed once a year.

Anode replacement

The anode is a magnesium rod that is located inside the boiler tank. When water is heated, oxygen is actively released from it, which can cause corrosion of the tank walls. The anode actively absorbs oxygen released from the water and prevents damage to the tank walls, gradually dissolving. If the anode is allowed to completely dissolve, the boiler tank will rapidly become unusable and may leak.

The anode should be replaced once a year. The cost of the anode is not included in the cost of service and is paid separately.

Checking heating elements and electrical connections

Boiler tubular heating elements are compelling and consume a lot of electricity, creating a load on electrical connections. With use, connections may loosen. This causes them to heat up and can lead to melting, and even a short circuit. Therefore, when servicing the boiler, it is necessary to check, tighten, and, if necessary, replace the electrical connections to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

It is also necessary to check the integrity of the insulation of the heating elements, to avoid leakage of electricity to the boiler body. In case of leakage, the heating element must be replaced.

* The cost of heating elements depends on the brand and model of the boiler, and is paid separately.

Checking the thermostat

Boilers are equipped with thermistors (temperature sensors), which are installed in a special dry shaft. They work in conditions of constant temperature fluctuations, from which their position can change and oxidation can occur. This leads to improper regulation of the water temperature and can cause overheating and boiling of the boiler. Therefore, when servicing, it is necessary to revise the sensors and their position in the shaft. If necessary, cleaning is carried out.

Boiler safety check

Boilers are equipped with several safety elements to prevent accidents:

  • an explosion relief valve that releases excess water pressure into the drainage system;
  • bimetal thermostat protector, which, in case of critical overheating, cuts off the power supply to the heating element.

Excessive pressure can occur due to heating and expansion of water or its boiling (due to failure of the thermostat and safety thermostat). Therefore, a full check of both units is necessary.

The explosion relief valve must be replaced every 3 years, even if it is visually in a good working condition.

Checking the boiler piping

Boiler piping service includes:

  • checking the pipes supplying and discharging water from the boiler,
  • revision of stopcocks (in case of failure - replacement)
  • checking and cleaning the drainage system.
Integrated water heater service

We provide both regular and emergency service of the boiler.

Accurate diagnosis

Our specialists perform a detailed inspection of the equipment to identify all existing problems.

More than 13 years of experience

We have been providing engineering services since 2008, and continue to develop and improve.

Quality warranty

We guarantee quality service of water heater and other equipment.

Boiler service cost

Below is the price list for the service of boilers in Kyiv. The price of complex service maintenance depends on the volume of the boiler tank.

Цены на комплексное сервисное обслуживание

Boiler service
from 30 to 80 l
1 200 UAH
Boiler service
from 100 to 150 l
1 500 UAH
Boiler service
over 150 litres
2 000 UAH

Additional services:

Boiler drain
350 UAH
Replacement of the tubular electric heater in the boiler
200 UAH
Anode replacement in the boiler
200 UAH
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How often should a boiler be serviced?

Regular service maintenance of boilers is recommended at least once a year. After the first service, the maintenance worker can advise how often further service maintenance should be provided, depending on the quality of the water, the condition of the equipment and other factors.

Boiler service
Boiler service

What problems does regular service solve?

Foremost, regular service maintenance of the boiler reduces the likelihood of equipment failure, prevents the failure of certain elements of the boiler. Regular service of the boiler ensures long-term and stable operation of the device, as well as saving time, nerves, and money for the user.

​What brands of boilers do we service?

​The Alter Air company provides boiler service in Kyiv. We service boilers of various brands: Drazice, Atlantic, Eldom, Vogel Flug, Zanussi, Ocean Flat and many more.

Boiler Drazice

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What are the maintenance features of a dry heater boiler?

The main distinguishing feature of servicing a water heater with a “dry” heating element is the possibility of servicing and replacing the heater without draining the water.

When should you service your boiler?

​Routine service maintenance of an indirect heating boiler must be carried out at least once a year. Such preventive maintenance of the boiler is necessary to control the efficiency of its operation, as well as to ensure the long-term and safe operation of the device.

Is it possible to do boiler maintenance with your hands?

A boiler is not the easiest and safest device to maintain, as it works with water and electricity. It is highly not recommended to repair the boiler on your own, since you can not only harm the device, but also endanger your health.

For service maintenance of the boiler in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, we recommend contacting Alter Air specialists at 0800336145. We will solve your problem efficiently and as soon as possible.

What are the signs that your boiler needs service?

Service maintenance must be carried out annually. Signs that urgent service is needed are:

  1. long-term water heating
  2. the appearance of a smell, a change in the color of the water
  3. activation of the emergency shutdown of the boiler
  4. water overheating
  5. explosion relief valve activation

If you notice at least one of the above signs, then your boiler requires service.

To find out the cost of cleaning the boiler and other maintenance, please contact Alter Air by phone: 0800336145. We provide quality service and a guarantee for the work done.

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