Water treatment sytems for a house

Water treatment for a cottage - a project from Alter Air

Why do you need water treatment in a private house

Clean water is the key to strong health

High-quality water in a house is a guarantee of health and comfort. However, water from the central water supply system and wells is hard, often cloudy and can even have an unpleasant odor.

A very common misconception is that well water is clean and drinkable by default. In a well, water passes through layers of the ground with a different chemical composition and is saturated with various substances, often harmful. For example, after a layer of limestone, the water becomes hard, and if it passes through a layer of chamosite, it is saturated with iron, which gives it a yellow tint. Also, do not forget about the general background of source pollution. Therefore, water purification in a private house is a necessity.

Remove iron and manganese

In most cases, the concentration of iron and manganese in water exceeds the permissible level, which negatively affects plumbing and clothing, which after washing becomes discolored or turns yellow.

Purify water from bacteria and viruses

​Their presence in water is unacceptable, however, unfortunately, water contamination in our time is not surprising.

Purify water from hydrogen sulfide

It has a specific smell, so you will immediately know about its presence in the water. Hydrogen sulfide is toxic, therefore, with constant use, it can cause irreparable harm to the skin. In everyday life, it is also dangerous, as it causes corrosion of the metal and leads to its destruction.

Get rid of salts and nitrates

​They are typical for shallow wells. Nitrates give water a sweetish taste, but they are very hazardous to health.

Filter out mechanical impurities

​Since the land is saturated not only with organic substances, but also with the remnants of chemical fertilizers.

Selecting a system

Take water for analysis
Take water for analysis

Before choosing a water treatment system, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the water in accordance with all-Union State standards.

Developing a project
Developing a project

The project takes into account the results of analyzes, as well as the number of wet areas, people living and characteristics of plumbing.


Kachestvennyy rezultat

An efficient system that suits all room parameters

Vnedreniye v dizayn interyera

Aesthetics and productivity of a climate system are result of common work

Soglasovaniye rabot so smezhnymi spetsialistami

Interaction with "subcontractors" (installers, builders, electricians)

Integratsiya s drugimi inzhenernymi sistemami

Complex projects for several systems - saving time and nerves

Formirovaniye tochnoy smety byudzheta

The ability to clearly plan the budget for the climate system


Water purification in a private house is divided into filtration for domestic use (technical water treatment) and for drinking water (using a reverse osmosis system).


Technical water treatment is needed for domestic water preparation - for boilers, washing machines, dishwashers etc.


Reverse osmosis water filtration is used to purify drinking water


We have built a process that guarantees the result
  • Consultation
  • Commercial offer
  • Design
  • Installation of systems
  • Service maintenance


The first meeting takes place in our showroom and lasts 1-1.5 hours. We discuss your wishes, features of the object and the profitability of a particular solution. We show how the equipment implemented in the office works - you will have a clear idea of the implemented engineering systems, their efficiency and ergonomics.

Commercial offer

Commercial offer

You receive a feasibility study and a commercial offer based on it. It also includes an estimate for the equipment and strapping - you will have the right idea of the budget right from the start. The final cost after drawing up the project can change within 15% up or down.



After agreeing on the commercial offer, the client makes 10% of the advance payment of the total amount. We start designing engineering systems. The developed project is agreed with the client, if necessary, corrections are made. The project is then approved by both parties in writing. You will receive a complete package of project documents.

Installation of systems

Installation of systems

We deliver and install all the necessary equipment. We effectively integrate it with other systems and interior solutions. We carry out commissioning works. The final launch of the engineering system is carried out in the presence of you and the chief engineer, so that you are convinced of the correct operation of all components.

Service maintenance

Service maintenance

We carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of engineering systems - during the entire period of their operation. We clean and replace filters and accessories. At the request of the client, we can modify the system or optimize it in order to change the performance or save resources.

Water treatment options

Cabinet type water treatment

It is a compact unit filled with ion exchange resins that purify water. To regenerate the ion-exchange resin, a saline solution is poured nearby.

Based on the hardness index, the system understands how many cubic meters of water it can purify before regeneration. When the designated volume of water has passed through the ion exchange resins, the system will stop and run the brine towards the resin. Then they are mixed, the ion exchange resin is cleaned and is ready to pass water again. Most often, regeneration takes place at night when no water is used. It is important to note that you cannot leave the system without salt brine for a long time. Otherwise, in the future, the ion exchange resin will not be able to regenerate and need to be replaced.

Column water treatment system

Consists of cylinders filled with ion exchange resins and a softener. Also, the column system can include a cylinder that purifies water from hydrogen sulfide. This is a perfect solution especially for apartments where water comes from the city water supply system.

Reverse osmosis filter

Thanks to the membrane, reverse osmosis does not allow substances bigger than a water molecule to pass through. To saturate the water with useful minerals after cleansing, you can use a mineralizer.

Flow through filter

Compared to reverse osmosis, it is less efficient. Reverse osmosis has a storage tank of 15 liters, since the membrane filters up to 70% of the water entering it. That is, from 1 liter, it can drain 700 ml into the sewer, and feed only 300 ml. Therefore, to supply water in a stream, and not “drop by drop”, accumulation is a necessity.

A flow-through water filter does not imply water accumulation, since it has not as high quality filtration as reverse osmosis.

Pitcher filter

The simplest solution that can be used when it is not possible to install a complete water treatment system. The market offers a wide selection of cartridges of different materials for different cleaning purposes. But do not count on the best quality of water purification.

Cost of water purification in private houses

The cost of turnkey water purification systems depends on many factors: the number of “wet spots”, the volume of water that needs to be purified and supplied, as well as the quality of the equipment used and its manufacturer.

Therefore, the range of prices for water purification in a private house is quite wide: from 15 to 90 thousand UAH.

Why us?

We carry out a full range of water treatment system implementation - from concept creation to installation and service.


Our specialists implement all the main engineering systems in the house - from ventilation to automation.


We have been providing engineering services since 2008 and continue to develop and improve.


We provide full technical supervision of engineering systems during implementation at the facility and further service

Our projects

The objects for our clients are the best proof of professionalism

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We solve the problem of microclimate in a house, starting from ventilation, air conditioning, heating and ending with humidification and air purification. We make sure that all systems interact productively with each other and at the same time do not consume a lot of energy in order to save your costs. In our work, we are like a family doctor - we treat your home, analyze a problem, offer solutions to it, and not just sell pills like a pharmacist in a pharmacy.

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Heating, water treatment, air conditioning, ventilation and WSS in the house, Riviera Villas, Lebedevka
Heating, water treatment, air conditioning, ventilation and WSS in the house, Riviera Villas, Lebedevka
Designer plumbing in the Alter Air showroom
Designer plumbing in the Alter Air showroom
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Overview of drawings and solutions for ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage in a house of 380 m²
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We chose Alter Air to bring our cool engineering project to build our own home. Now the following systems are installed in the house: heating with a heat pump, underfloor heating, supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery, which allows you to keep moisture and easily breathe fresh clean air. The house maintains an excellent temperature of + 22 ° C - no stuffiness and dust. Everything is magical!

House owner

 I looked at several companies on the Internet and settled on the Alter Air company. After talking with their specialists, I realized that people are very well versed in their business. They sensibly explained how to implement home heating and ventilation correctly and with minimal cost. During my stay in a new house, I have already experienced the operation of these systems, and especially the ease of control. The temperature in the house is comfortable and kept at a given level. The ventilation works inaudibly, but noticeably - with the windows closed in the morning it breathes freely and easily, there is no dust. I am very pleased with the work of Alter Air and I will recommend you as a good performer who does quality work!

Peter Ivanovich
House owner


What is the best way to purify water for a private house?

Water purification in a private house must be mechanically purified - for domestic use. For drinking - water must be purified using reverse osmosis. This type of water treatment has the highest quality and is most effective.

How to choose a water purification system for your home?

First of all, it is necessary to take water for analysis and find out what norm deviations it has. To accurately calculate a water treatment system, it is necessary to take into account a number of “wet zones” and people living in it. Also, we should not forget about the throughput of plumbing.

What filters to choose in a private house?

​Water treatment for a house includes several stages. For mechanical water treatment, we recommend installing an iron remover and water softener. Filtered in this way, water is suitable for domestic use. For drinking - you need to purify water using a reverse osmosis system - this is the highest quality water treatment option in Kyiv.

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