Maintenance of heating systems

Maintenance of heating systems
We carry out regular maintenance of the system
We repair and replace heating equipment
We enter all information in service book of object
We modernize and improve the system over the years

The service of heating systems, like the maintenance of a car, should in no case be ignored for several reasons:

  • safety – this is especially true for gas systems, but it is also relevant in the case of others – malfunctions in the heating system can lead to many unpleasant, and often even dangerous consequences.

  • warranty – each manufacturer provides certain conditions for regular service maintenance for their equipment. If the deadlines are violated, the warranty for the device stops working.

When to carry out maintenance of heating systems, as well as what problems can occur if timely service is ignored, we describe further.

Types of service

Seasonal service

​Seasonal service means maintenance of the system before and after the heating season. It implies carrying out general diagnostics, switching operating modes, standard checking of components, replacing small consumables, system charging, checking expansion tanks, etc.

Full service

​It is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, it involves the overhaul of all elements of the system, the planned replacement of worn-out components, the cleaning of lines and heat exchangers (if necessary).

Service cost

System maintenance cost

We provide you with a list of the most requested works and current prices for the service of the heating system. The cost of work is given without considering the replacement of components and elements of the system.

Heat source maintenance

Air-to-water heat pump service
(full) *with flushing of the hydro block heat exchanger 1 pc.
3 800 UAH
Air-to-water heat pump service
(seasonal) 1 pc.
1 600 UAH
Electric boiler service
1 pc.
1 400 UAH
Pyrolysis boiler service (up to 60 kW)
1 pc.
4 000 UAH
Gas boiler service (up to 35 kW)
1 pc.
3 000 UAH
Boiler switching
795 UAH

Service of other elements of the boiler room

Boiler room equipment service
without a boiler
3 000 UAH

Regular maintenance

Maintenance of a heating system includes a preventive inspection and check of all elements of the system – both internal and external.

First, our specialists check the system for leaks. Then they move on to checking the heat sources.

Heat source maintenance
Heat source maintenance

The heat source is a heart of the system and maintenance is a must. Depending on type of equipment, many maintenance tasks are carried out.

Service of other elements of the boiler room
Service of other elements of the boiler room

It is critical to diagnose the operation of the expansion tank, hot water tank, clean and, if necessary, replace the components.

Service of heat distribution equipment
Service of heat distribution equipment

It is important to check equipment not only in a boiler room, also around the house – in-floor convectors and radiators.

Pipeline service:flushing of pipes, assembly
Pipeline service:flushing of pipes, assembly

Flushing of pipes and main assemblies of the system is recommended to be carried out regularly.

Automation servise
Automation servise

Automation in the heating system allows you to control the temperature in the premises.

All types of service

We carry out regular and emergency maintenance of heating systems, change and repair elements of the entire system.

Turnkey system implementation

We carry out a comprehensive implementation of heating systems: from design to maintenance.

Over 13 years of experience

We have been introducing heating systems since 2008, and servicing them throughout all the years of operation.

Support and control

We provide full technical control of the heating system: record all the work, remind you of the upcoming service.

When is service needed?

Once or twice a year and in case of revealing the slightest malfunctions.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee and avoid all possible malfunctions during the operation of the heating system. However, it is important to detect them in time and, for your safety, call experienced specialists.

The company “Alter Air” deals with the elimination of various problems that arise during the maintenance of heating systems in Kyiv and beyond. Which in particular – we will tell further.

Boiler operation problems
Boiler operation problems

When problems arise with a heat source – a heating boiler or a heat pump, the specialists must be called immediately.

Leakages and other problems in piping
Leakages and other problems in piping

Leaks are a serious problem as they are often difficult to detect. Let's talk about what the experts are doing.

Increased fuel consumption
Increased fuel consumption

It is important to pinpoint the reasons why too much fuel or electricity is being used.

System maintenance before starting
System maintenance before starting

It is recommended to check the system additionally at the beginning of the heating season in order to prepare it for starting.

Our projects

Best way to tell about the quality of our work is by the implemented objects.

A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Mini-boiler room - 1
  • Mini-boiler room - 2
TROX double slot inline diffuser

Double-slot diffusers from the TROX brand are designed for high-quality air distribution throughout the room. They combine visual aesthetics and high technical potential. Air currents are given in different directions, evenly scattering and avoiding any drafts. Outwardly, only laconic lines on the ceiling remain visible.

Duct air conditioner Daikin FDXM 35F

A low-pressure internal duct unit Daikin FDXM 35F is installed in the ceiling space of the bathroom - it works to cool the bedroom. It is accessed through hatches. The capacity of the air conditioner is enough to service rooms up to 35 m2, which is optimal for a given room. The lowering of the ceiling in a technical room was 300 mm.

Indirect heating boiler Drazice

Vertical indirect heating boiler Drazice OKSE 200 l is designed to provide apartment residents with hot water. The inner surface of the tank is covered with high-quality enamel without nickel, which ensures a long operation of the water heater, and there is also an anti-corrosion coating. The temperature inside can be kept between 7 and 77 ℃. The water heating indicator always shows the current temperature on the front of the tank. There is a fast heating function. This is an excellent solution for an apartment, allowing you not to depend on seasonal blackouts and other inconveniences.

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock

Electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock An electric boiler Vaillant Ecoblock with a capacity of 6 kW and efficiency of up to 99% works for heating and hot water supply of the entire apartment. It has a wide range of temperature settings for both heating and hot water supply. There are frost protection and 2-level overheating protection. Equipped with eBus data transmission technology. With the help of a capillary thermostat, residents can smoothly regulate the heating temperature in the range from 25 to 85 ℃

Expansion tank Zilmet

The Zilmet expansion tank is designed to compensate extra pressure in the heating system. Works in conjunction with the Vaillant electric boiler above. The special inner lining of the tank prevents the growth of any bacteria, that is, the water does not acquire a metallic taste, does not stagnate or change its properties.

Refiner Ecowater - water softening and filtration system

A modern system for filtering and softening water: cleans water from all kinds of impurities and odors, neutralizes iron, making it soft, pleasant and safe for household appliances, water pipes and human use. The purified water is also suitable for drinking directly from the tap. The refiner does not require changing the carbon filters, and is controlled via WiFi - maximum automation and comfort!

A complex of engineering systems in an apartment, Lipskaya street, Kyiv

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Heating, water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems in the house (Green Hills) based on Viessmann
Heating, water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems in the house (Green Hills) based on Viessmann
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Heating, water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems in the house (Green Hills) based on Viessmann
Heating, water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems in the house (Green Hills) based on Viessmann


What is included in the maintenance of the heating system?

Maintenance of the heating system in a private house includes:

  • inspection and testing of the heat source (electric boiler, solid fuel boiler or heat pump), as well as all its elements (according to technical specifications and manufacturer's recommendations);

  • checking the pressure in the expansion tank;

  • assessment of the operation of the DHW tank and its elements;

  • cleaning of components (bleed valves, mud collectors, etc.) and replacement - if necessary;

  • flushing of pipes;

  • switching of the heating boiler or heat pump to the "summer" / "winter" mode of operation - at the request of the client.

Turning to us, you get a comprehensive service for the entire system with detailed information about the results of the check in the service book of the facility.

When is the best time to service your heating system?

The heating system should be serviced at least once a year. A seasonal inspection is also recommended. In spring, it means switching the boiler (if it has a hot water circuit) or heat pump to summer mode - only for supplying hot water, and in autumn - activating the winter mode - heating water for the heating system and hot water supply.

Repair of individual elements of the system and flushing of pipes is desirable to carry out as part of regular maintenance, and a comprehensive inspection can be carried out when preparing the system for the heating season, that is, in the autumn - this is the best option.

How to maintain heating system of a private house?

Engineering communications are a whole range of equipment, the correct functioning of which depends on the availability of heat, hot water and other benefits in your home. It is strictly not recommended to intervene into their work without special knowledge. That is why qualified specialists should handle the maintenance of heating systems in private homes in Kyiv and other cities and towns.

However, there is a list of what you can do - visually inspect the system, evaluate the operation of automation, clean the in-floor convector (while the engine must be reliably protected!), if necessary, clean the mechanical filters.

Repairing equipment on your own or changing components is highly discouraged. If you service the system yourself, you lose the warranty from the manufacturer, and risk your safety.

Entrust the maintenance of heating to Alter Air specialists - we will carry out high-quality diagnostics of the system, check the performance of all its elements, inspect each radiator and in-floor convector, check the pipes and flush them.

After carrying out service work, we provide the owners of residential buildings with a report on the status of all elements of the system and draw up a schedule for subsequent visits.

Why it is better to contact professionals 

Alter Air specialists have been performing the entire range of work on the design, installation, and maintenance of heating systems for 13 years.

Long-term expertise allows us to provide our customers with high-quality service of heating systems within the framework of warranty and post-warranty service, as well as in emergencies when problems with equipment are detected.

We record the results of regular maintenance in a service book, which every owner of a private house should have. It contains all the information on the condition of the system and its individual elements, information about the defects and breakdowns found, as well as data on their elimination or replacement of equipment.

Thanks to our professionals, you can be sure of the safety and serviceability of your heating system, as well as insured against the risks of emergencies.

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