Jablotron living technology – is a ventilation system for a house or an apartment

Published 14 May 2020
Updated 31 Oct 2023
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  2. Ventilation system based on Jablotron Futura
Jablotron в интерьере

Jablotron Living Technology is a Czech manufacturer of climatic technology that produces air handling units, heat pumps, electric boilers, and much more. The main requirements that the company prioritizes when manufacturing the products are energy efficiency, convenience, and productivity.

The manufacture of equipment for ventilation of houses and apartments is the main focus of Jablotron Living Technology:

  • Air handling units Jablotron Futura M, L;
  • Cooling/heating module CoolBreeze;
  • VAV-system - valves with variable airflow;
  • CO2 sensors, controllers, and control system.


Alter Air uses only certified and reliable equipment and Jablatron meets all the requirements and standards for our designs. We implement centralized general ventilation based on the Futura M and Futura L air handling units. This equipment has several advantages:

  • Efficiency - the first and most important factor is the high performance of the air handling unit. The M model is capable of delivering up to 250 m³/h and the L model up to 350 m³/h.
  • New generation enthalpy recuperator that allows reusing the heat and moisture in the room. This allows saving on heating and air humidification. The recuperator does not require preheating during the cold season due to the patented technology of changing the direction of airflows that prevents the heat exchanger from freezing. The recuperation efficiency is up to 91.8%.
  • VAV-system Jablotron has developed its VAV valve system, which allows a zone ventilation system with a variable air supply. This approach allows a rational use of energy and control of the amount of air that is supplied to each room. It is possible to adjust the airflow zone by zone, according to the air quality indicators using valves.
  • Automation. Advanced automation in the Jablotron equipment makes it work according to the set scenarios as intelligent and autonomous as possible. The development is carried out directly by Jablotron specialists. The units analyze the air quality through sensors and adjust the operation based on the information received. The ventilation unit can be connected to the smart home system via the ModBus protocol, and also provides a LAN module and two programmable inputs for configuring the necessary scenarios. 
  • Equipment management. The manufacturer paid special attention to the equipment management. The customer can control the unit with a smartphone via the MyJABLOTRON app. It allows viewing extensive infographics on the microclimate, the operation of all equipment, the state of filters, and more. Using the application, you can manage operating modes and quickly contact support.
Управление с помощью приложения
  • Sensors. The company produces sensors and controllers with various functions. They are connected to a unified system that allows to receive exact data for microclimate and efficiently adjust the operation of ventilation equipment.
  • "Boost buttons" - devices that are used to activate the enhanced air extraction. They are built into the light switch and are undetectable in the interior. They are used for increased air extraction in a certain area for example a kitchen or a bathroom.
  • Air filtration. Ventilation units provide cleaning of incoming and outgoing air with built-in F7 class filters. As a standard, each unit comes with two F7 filters. If there is a need for improved filtration or odor removal, the company manufactures carbon filters that can be ordered and installed in equipment. Filters guarantee the flow of cleaned air into a house or apartment and also protect the recuperator from dust.
  • Post heating. Every unit has post-heating that provides comfort for house residents. The customer can supply warm air to the room with the help of post-heating. It has a wide temperature range and can be easily controlled via a mobile application. The maximum power of the device is 350 watts.
  • By-pass. An integrated by-pass allows the cool air from outside to pass through the recuperator and helps to postpone the start of air conditioning season. 
  • Stylish design. The minimalistic modern design of technology will fit it into any interior.

All the advantages mentioned above are available in every configuration of the unit and there is no need to additionally purchase components to expand functionality.

Ventilation system based on Jablotron Futura

The Jablotron Futura ventilation unit allows you to organize a general exchange centralized ventilation system. The operation of the air handling unit is based on the balance between the supplied and discharged air. Supply air amount equals extract air amount. To direct the required amount of air to a certain room and at the same time avoid noise or discomfort, a professional calculation and a competent selection of the number of air ducts are required.

General ventilation design can be installed in two ways:

  • Based on the number of residents
  • Based on the air quality index (CO2 level or ppm index).
  1. Ventilation system based on the number of residents. This approach is based on calculating the volume of air per person according to the building code standards (DBN). For increased comfort, it is calculated at a rate of 36 m3/h per person. The amount of air for each room is calculated based on the number of people constantly staying in the room. For example, if there are two people in the bedroom, the volume of supplied air should be 72 m3 h. If a family of four gathers in the living room, the volume of air should be 144m3/h. A standard size M or L is selected based on the total air volume in all rooms. Ventilation of an apartment or house is considered to be correct and comfortable for a living if it is calculated according to this method, however  it is not entirely efficient because a large amount of air is constantly supplied to the premises. This system doesn't include a VAV system. 
  2. Ventilation based on air volume is based on monitoring the CO2 level in the room and adjusting the amount of air supplied according to this value. For example, a system maintains a set norm of 600 ppm. As soon as the sensors register an increase in the CO2 level, a larger amount of fresh air is supplied to the room to normalize it. Such zone control is possible thanks to the VAV system - valves that control the airflow.

An example of the implementation of a ventilation system according to the calculation of the CO2 level using VAV valves is shown in the drawing below.

Система вентиляции квартиры

This approach allows not only to ensure a full air exchange but also to use energy rationally since the unit predominantly operates at low speed and increases the speed only if the CO2 level rises in several zones. It does not work at full capacity if there are no people in the room. This method of organizing the ventilation system of a house or apartment is more rational, since it does not use excess energy in the absence of people, and at the same time, it always ensures the high quality of indoor air.

Exhaust air is discharged through the exhaust ducts evenly over the entire area of ​​the room in accordance with the number of installed ducts. “Boost buttons” are provided for the active removal of air in the kitchen during cooking or in the bathroom. “Boost buttons” are devices that are installed in the switches and are activated when you press the light switch. After activation the unit begins enhanced air removal from the specified zone reducing emissions from other zones, this allows maintaining the balance of supply and extract air.

Модуль Jablotron CoolBreeze


The Jablotron CoolBreeze works together with the Jablotron Futura air handling unit and is a heat pump that cools or heats the incoming air.

The technically unique solution consists of a combination of standard evaporative cooling and adiabatic condensate cooling in a controlled heat exchanger. The higher the temperature is outside the more efficient the cooling is inside.


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    Подскажите пожалуйста, подойдёт ли данная система в дом площадью 220 м2?

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    Команда Альтер Ейр

    Добрый день, Елена! Да, подойдет. Однако, обращаем внимание, что при подборе вентоборудования важно учитывать не только площадь дома, а и число проживающих людей, количество жилых и технических помещений, а также показатели качества воздуха.

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    Здравствуйте! Подскажите, а для маленьких квартир решения у вас есть? Яблотрон, конечно, супер, судя по кол-ву функций, но в кв 70 м2, наверное, можно что-то побюджетнее?

  • Команда Альтер Эйр

    Здравствуйте, Кирилл! Для вашей площади можно использовать приточно-вытяжную установку Jablotron Futura M. Также рекомендуем обратить внимание на более компактные и бюджетные установки немецкого производителя Meltem: https://shop.alterair.ua/ventiljacija/ventiljacionnye-ustanovki/ustanovki-s-rekuperaciej-tepla/meltem/

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