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Why is it worth designing a heating system before starting construction work?

It is difficult to overestimate the design of engineering systems. The ready-made solutions embodied in the project take into account technical, sanitary and hygienic, fire safety standards. But most importantly, they are consistent with the parameters of your building, capabilities and meet the allotted budget.

There are several reasons why design of a heating system should be done before starting construction work:

  •     the ability to set aside the correct dimensions for the boiler room - the heart of heating system, which contains all equipment and takes up enough space;
  •     in case of underfloor heating, design a high-quality threshold between the floor level and the window sill;
  •     ability to take into account how the ventilation ducts will be installed in boiler room;
  •     coordination of building material for the house - a choice taking into account the least heat loss;
  •     if it is planned to place solar collectors, then take this fact into account when building a house. The roof of house should be arranged so that the side with tubes or PV modules faces south;
  •     precise coordination of all work with "subcontractors" (builders, designers, installers, etc.).

As a result, you will get an efficiently working heating system, which is implemented according to your preferences and financial possibilities.

Turnkey installation of heating systems

Installation of heating and water supply systems is a complex process that requires certain professional technical knowledge and ability to professionally implement a design solution drawn up by an engineer.

Correct installation of a heating system includes both the installation of its individual elements - thermal curtains, convector heaters, electric fireplaces, and the connection of an entire heating system in a private house or apartment. For a high-quality installation of a heating system, a lot of experience, professional technical knowledge, and the ability to skillfully implement a design solution drawn up by an engineer are required.

Heating system installation is an important element for ensuring comfort and coziness in your home. Correctly selected and installed equipment will economically consume electricity in house and provide required air temperature around the entire perimeter.

The key in such work is the installation of a boiler room, it is a fairly large amount of work on the installation of equipment and laying communications in a limited space, which requires not only a well-calculated project, but also high professionalism of the installation team. In addition to the direct installation of a bulky boiler, it is required to lay pipelines, install an expansion tank, a hot water tank, shut-off valves, circulation pumps and other equipment. Next, we will consider in details the installation work with given price list.

Alter Air has been designing, selecting and selling heating equipment for many years, and also carries out heating installation, the price of which will suit the customer, individually and on a turnkey basis.

What does the heating system consist of?

Heating is warming up a room with help of special tools and devices, which are combined into a whole system, the task of which is to provide a comfortable temperature regime in a house and apartment or other room during the cold season.

The heating system consists of:

  •     source of thermal energy (boiler, heat pump, solar collector, air heater);
  •     shut-off and control valves;
  •     pipelines or air ducts (for air heating);
  •     heat-dissipating equipment (radiators, convectors, fan coil units), operating separately or in combination with the "Warm floor" system.

Feature of installation of a heat source

Installation depends on the type:


There are following types of boilers, depending on type of fuel - gas, solid fuel, pyrolysis, electric. Boiler can be wall or floor mounted.

 According to the efficiency of heat exchange, boilers are divided into 2 types: operating on the lowest heat of combustion of fuel or a condensing boiler.

  •     Heat pump:

    A distinction is made between ground source and air source heat pumps.

    According to the sources of heat and coolant, they are divided into:

  1.         soil to water;
  2.         water to water;
  3.         air to water;
  4.         air to air.
  •     Solar collector:

    Can be flat or vacuum. Depending on type of coolant, they can be with water and antifreeze liquid (ethylene glycol, propylene glycol).


    They are electric and water.

    Installation of an electric heater includes: a heating unit, temperature sensors, a set of automation

    Installation (piping) of a water heater includes: a heating unit, temperature sensors, a set of automation, a mixing unit, shut-off and control valves.

Feature of installation of shut-off and control valves

Installation of shut-off and control valves consists of:

  •      piping of the heat source ("safety group", pumping groups, shut-off and control valves, "hydrostrelka", etc.),
  •      pipelines (shut-off and control valves, pressure regulators, etc.),
  •      heat dissipation equipment (thermal valve, thermal head, shut-off valve, ball valves, etc.)

Installation of pipelines

The installation of pipelines depends on type of their material:

  •      steel,
  •      polypropylene,
  •      metal-plastic,
  •      corrugated,
  •      stainless,
  •      copper,
  •      PEX pipes.

Each type of pipe has:

  •      a specific connection,
  •      different temperature expansion,
  •      pressure range,
  •      diffusion degree;

It is these criteria that determine one or another type of installation of the above pipelines.

Factors that are taken into account in the professional installation of the heater

The cost of heating a private house or apartment depends on many factors:

  •     type of heat dissipating equipment:
  •     radiators (steel, aluminum, bimetallic),
  •     convectors (gravitational, forced convection),
  •     fan coil units (duct, wall, cassette, concealed installation);
  •     "Warm floor" system (electric, water);
  •     warm wall system (if any);
  •     wiring diagram for a heat-dissipating device (side, diagonal, bottom, top);
  •     type of location (free on the wall, in a niche under the windowsill, in several tiers);
  •     normalized slope (for draining the coolant).

Combined heating system

Depending on the type of premises, its purpose, the climatic location of the facility, communications connected to it, the heating system is implemented in a combined form:

  •     air-to-air heat pump (main heat source)
  •     + electric or gas boiler (secondary heat source, functioning to maintain the peak heat output);
  •     ground-to-water heat pump (main heat source)
  •     + electric or gas boiler (secondary heat source, for emergency use if the soil-to-water heat pump fails)
  •     + solar collector (the main load is on DHW, and rest of heat is on the heating system).
  •     solid fuel boiler (main heat source) and electric boiler (backup heat source).

Each of the above options for the implementation of heating system is negotiated with customer individually.

It is important not only to buy a convector, a water heater (boiler), a thermal curtain, but also to know where they should be installed, whether they are suitable for your room, what costs will be for their operation, etc. All these issues should be addressed at the design stage of the heating system. To find out the features of the project: how is the installation of heating at home, the price of equipment used, its characteristics and functionality, it is necessary to consider special cases.

Special conditions of cooperation

We are happy to jointly conduct projects with organizations and self-employed specialists, recommend you to our clients and help with the outsourced engineering part. Additionally, we invite you to attend seminars of the "Engineering in Design" series, where we show by examples how to correctly implement engineering systems in the interiors of end customers.

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We have been providing engineering services since 2008, but we never stop. Every year - new technologies and proposals.


We provide full technical control of engineering systems at the facility - for clients and related organizations.

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The best proof of our professionalism is the completed projects


Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in the interior design - Kiev, RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Ventilation, heating and air dehumidification in a 70 m2 indoor pool, Gostomel
Ventilation, heating and air dehumidification in a 70 m2 indoor pool, Gostomel

Installation process stages

How is the heating installation process going?
  • Dialogue
  • Commercial offer
  • Drafting a project
  • Installation of heating systems


Any cooperation begins with communication: you provide the most general information about the object, and tell what exactly you would like to see. Regardless of the complexity of the work, a large number of factors and parameters should be taken into account. Our staff will answer all questions and point out the existing options for implementation. It is worth noting that quite often, in order to make an optimal decision, a specialist needs to go directly to the facility, where he can study all the features of the premises.

Commercial offer

Commercial offer

The next step is the preparation of a commercial proposal, which includes 3 options: Budget option - using inexpensive but high-quality equipment that meets all requirements and standards. The standard option is using quality equipment from European or Japanese brands. The premium option is with the use of elite equipment and designer versions of climatic technology.

Drafting a project

Drafting a project

Having decided on the option that is acceptable for you, the engineers of the Alter Air company draw up a project of work in the shortest possible time. This document is made completely free of charge and subsequently agreed with related specialists. We should also mention our services such as consulting and project support in other cities. Engineering consulting is an analysis of an existing or preparing for commissioning heating system, and, if necessary, specific proposals for eliminating problems and inaccuracies. Alter Air also provides support for projects in other cities. High-quality specialists with many years of experience will provide a full range of services, leaving for your city.

Installation of heating systems

Installation of heating systems

The final stage is the installation of the system. The work is carried out in the shortest possible time, taking into account all your wishes and without causing any inconvenience.

Installation cost

Сost of performing installation work on heating in "Alter Air"

The final cost of installing a heating system is formed on the basis of an estimate of all work and may vary up or down, since the price for installation work on heating cannot provide for all factors.

General work

Radiator assembly 11 and 22 type up to 1200
2 000 uah
Installation of a radiator 22 and 33 type from 1200
3 000 uah
Installation of a floor convector up to 2m
3 400 uah
Installation of steel convectors built into the floor up to 3 m
3 999 uah
Installation of a fan riser
700 uah
Installation of a comb up to 8 circuits
4 000 uah
Installation of a comb up to 12 circuits
4 600 uah
Installation of electric underfloor heating for residential areas
170 uah
Installation of electric underfloor heating for wet areas
225 uah

The cost of performing installation work of boiler equipment

Installation of a gas floor boiler
2 000 uah
Assembly and installation of a bypass with a pump
1 000 uah
Installation of an electric hinged boiler
2 000 uah
Installation of a solid fuel boiler (depending on the complexity of the work)
from 4 000 uah
Room thermostat installation
300 uah
Installation of an indirect heating boiler up to 200 liters.
1 500 uah
Installation of an indirect heating boiler up to 200 liters.
2 000 uah
Installation of an accumulating (buffer) tank up to 400 liters.
from 1 500 uah
Installation of an accumulating (buffer) tank over 400 liters.
up to 2 500 uah
Installation and connection of the pumping and mixing unit
800 uah
Installation of cabinets
600 uah
Installation and connection of the circulation pump
400 uah
Expansion tank installation
700 uah
Installing a pressure regulator
400 uah
Testing the heating system with water
2 000 uah
Installation of an air-to-water heat pump (depending on the complexity)
from 5 000 uah

Separate types of installation

Installation of a thermal curtain

​When installing a thermal curtain, first of all, it is necessary to take into account its type. Recall that curtains can be horizontal (mounted above the doorway) and vertical (mounted to the right or left of the door).

When installing this equipment, for a start, the wiring of the power supply and the installation of fasteners are organized. They can be brackets and special pins. Depending on the type of air curtain, these elements are distributed directly to the mounting points of the unit.

In case you have purchased or are installing a water heat curtain, you must also take care of the water supply system. After installation, the thermal curtain is checked by connecting it to the network. If all the work is done correctly, then it will work as efficiently as possible.

Installation of convector heaters

A convector heater is an excellent device for maintaining optimal temperature conditions during the cold season. It can be used as an additional source of heat, as well as the main one.

Convector heaters can be installed both on the floor on special legs, and, if desired, mounted on the wall. Alter Air will be able to select and install the best heater option for your home. It can be mounted simply on the wall or in a special niche, which allows it not to stand out from the general background and does not take up a lot of space.

Installation of electric fireplaces

Alter Air also provides installation services for today's popular electric fireplaces. To install an electric fireplace, you should take a special place for it, fix the front panel, connect the fireplace to a source of electricity and turn it on.

However, do not forget that it is necessary to take into account the power of this equipment, which should not exceed the permissible indicators in electrical network, otherwise the fireplace may not only fail, but also harm the wiring. Trust this question to specialists to protect yourself from unforeseen situations and additional expenses.

Installation of a water heating system at home

Installation of a heating system for a house or apartment is a rather complicated and painstaking process, because it requires strict adherence to project documentation and a professional approach.

The key step in this matter is the boiler piping. Its quality guarantees a long service life of the equipment, because an installer's mistake in the future can be very expensive. Premature failure of equipment in a cold winter is far from the worst option. Errors are especially dangerous for a solid fuel boiler, whose failure can lead to an explosion and fire.

One of the important factors in the operation of the heating system is not only professionally calculated heat losses and the design, but also high-quality installation. So when installing a warm floor, it is important to correctly place pipes, lay thermal insulation, match the thickness and quality of the coating. Unscrupulous installation of heating leads to the fact that heat is dissipated ineffectively, not giving the desired level of comfort.

It is also important to carry out pressure testing of the system, which guarantees tightness and, consequently, trouble-free operation.

Installation of an individual heating system

Installation of a home heating system is a complex process that requires professional technical knowledge and the ability to professionally implement a design solution drawn up by an engineer.

Installation of a heating system in a private house includes both the installation of its individual elements - thermal curtains, convector heaters, electric fireplaces, and the connection of an entire autonomous individual heating system.

The process of organizing and installing individual heating in an apartment or a private house is a complex task that includes a number of questions: how to choose the right water heater (boiler), radiators, pipes and other elements of this system; how to arrange these components correctly; how much does heating installation cost, etc.

It is naturally necessary to start with the design of this system. When all the calculations have been made and the optimal variant of heating equipment has been selected, its installation is carried out. Installation can be preceded by laying pipes through the walls of the building, reconstructing the gas supply to the boiler, replacing radiators, etc. When all the nuances are taken into account, all equipment is installed in accordance with the project and commissioning is carried out.

Alter Air advises you not to deal with this issue yourself, as it is quite dangerous. When it comes to gas and water supply, and if the installation process is improperly organized, you can damage not only your home, but also your health.

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